Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snow, snow, and MORE snow!

So it snowed, AGAIN, and we got about 5 inches of snow last night. But with the drifts, some of it was up to my shins. Which was up to Aleksia's knees to mid thigh, so needles to say she had a hard time walking through it. So with Trestin down for a nap, I set out to shovel the driveway (one down fall of nonappartment living, but still worth it) and the kids played a bit.
This is our bird feeder, and you can tell how much snow we got. But with the wind, some blew off, so in reality we had more then this!

FINALLY got it shoveled. It made some nice mounds for the kids to play on. The one behind the subaru (you can't see it) was Aleksia's "castle."

The guy that plowed the street left a big mound behind our after I finished shoveling, we tried to sled down it!

Ready. . . Set . . . GO!

It worked pretty good, and the kids had a blast. The mound wasn't very compacted, and I fell through to my upper thighs acouple times (in pj pants of course, I don't have snow pants, but now I'll be getting some on clearance after winter is over!).


The Clayson Clan said...

I know what you mean about snow pants! We also have gotten a TON of snow this year. I will definatly be hitting the clearance racks so I will be prepared for next year! :)

Mower Family said...

wow You've got as much soon as us in the Artic North. The kids look like they're having a blast. I always think of shoveling as a time to get exercise with out the kids adding extra weight to my workout. Have fun. Catherine

Dara said...

Wow what a lot of Snow! Sure do miss that about Pullman. Send some on down to us will ya? The Kids sure look like they are having tons of fun! Take care and don't get too cold.