Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Aleksia's Day

It's Spring Break at the Huston house, otherwise known as "Craft Week" this year! After a "cleaning day" yesterday to get the house ready for friends, today was the first official day. Aleksia was up first! I decided to do freezer paper stencils on t-shirts. Trestin and his "friend" are actually going to do the same type of thing later in the week, so stay tuned for that one! Using my AMAZING machine I cut out a bunny and a chick, that actually look like Peeps (which I am in love with! They are tasty and oh so very cute!)! And the words "My Peeps."

Here are the girls sponge painting inside the stencil. The painting shirts they are wearing are a MUST have! Love it!

Now that the shirts are painted, now to play a game! We bought this game at our last White Elephant trip, and it's now one of the kids' favorites!

Aleskia was nice and even let Trestin play with them too! I don't know if they liked it, they only played it about 5 times!

Close up of Aleksia's while it finished drying....

Two little twinners in their yellow shirts and blond hair! The day was a success!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Snow Day Play

So we've gotten quite a bit of snow this year, and the kids have LOVED playing in it!
This is out our front window, Garrick climbed up the little toy and liked to jump off into the snow.
As Cassiah slept, we went across the street to the school and went sledding on a no school day because of so much snow fall the day before. Yeah, bad Mom, left my sleeping baby! In my defense we where back before she woke up! So here is Garrick doing the running start!

If you look carefully you can see our roof to the right of the big tree in the middle, so we are REALLY close to the school where the good sledding is. Here is a view from the bottom. Trestin likes the mini hill on the left side, where the rest of us like the one on the right. You get the whole thing, and there was a jump from a mound in the snow that we would get air on. It was so fun!

Cheese! Going down as a train

Wipe Out! But he's smiling so we're good!

Trying to readjust her gloves, and alittle wave too!

Aleksia getting air on the bump

Garrick's air time!

Valentine's Fun

For V-day I found this cute advent type calendar here, and thought we'd give it a try with some tweeking here and there. So I made a garland of heart pockets instead of socks and I was happy the way it turned out (see below post for pic). So here are some photo's from the count down events

Aleksia sporting her pink, white, and red clothes for one of the days. I made the girls matching skirts, and used my machine and freezer paper to paint a cute V-day picture on shirts for the girls. With noisy socks of course!
And no outfit at our house is complete without a hair bow these days!

The boys wanted nothing cutesy, so they got shirts from Old Navy

Picture taken while trying to get a picture of her in her "pink, white, and red clothes". It cracks me up every time!

Sorry you can't see her cupcake with a heart on top like a cherry on her shirt. The baby got in the way. She's all about the babies!

On the day to make cookies and give to neighbors
Helper #2!

I frosted the cookies and would load them on a plate, then my 2 helpers would decorate them!

Cookies already to go be delivered to friends' houses

Making hair bow Valentines for class. "You're as pretty as a flower Valentine!" with a hair bow attached. The boys in their classes got "You stole my heart Valentine" and a wooden heart was painted and written on like a conversation heart and a pin was glued to the back.

Even Dad got in on the hair bow making action!
*not a flattering photo of Aleksia!*

For the last day, which was Valentine's Day, I had gotten cheap-o buckets from Walmart and cut every one's names out of vinyl and put on their bucket so we know who's is who's. Then filled it with little goodies and candies and put them on the fireplace for them to find the that morning.

Playing with her goodies!

Showing off her candy, while still a little sleepy!

See my slinky!


Cassiah likes to nuggle (snuggle). She'll go get any blanket, and want to "nuggle." Trestin wanted in on the action too!
I've noticed that if she's really whiny, it is worth the extra time to stop what I'm doing and nuggle her for a bit, and then she's better. She's my little reminder to stop and smell the roses sometimes! Our cute little blessing!

Some recent craftiness!

Here are a couple craft projects I've done lately
Cassiah is modeling a Superman cape I made for one of my best girlfriends who truly is a Super Woman!
Closer shot

Small 2x2 blocks I cut out and turned into conversation (hearts) blocks with my silhouette! Have I mentioned I love that machine?!

Another conversation block. The kids even got to paint and make some one day to add to our Valentines decor!

I've started a monthly "Craft Night/Day" and this was our first project. I cut a 4x4 post and turned it into this! Turned out pretty cute!

I love having a mantel to decorate! I found a Valentine's Count Down online, so I made a felt heart garland to put each day's note in.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Rodent Rocket

Now that Garrick is 8, he gets to participate in Cub Scouts at our church, and in January was his first Pine Wood Derby! Than had lots of suggestions for him to use in the designing of the car, but ended up making the cheese idea! Unfortunately is was on a weekend when I worked, but I really wanted to go! I worked Friday night, so up all day and then all night, then went to the derby at 9am but probably looked like a zombie! Oh well, the things we do for our kids!
Here is his car with some of the other boy's cars.

His definitely wasn't the fastest, but it was well known! I'd hear, "Has the cheese gone yet?" "How did the cheese do?" and so on! He had fun making it and racing it, so that's what counts!

His award and car!

Side view!

Cut out "Rodent Rocket" on my silhouette! Man I love that machine!

Winter Dance Recital

Aleksia had a Winter Recital (something new for the studio to not just have one in the Spring) in December, I think? Her class is Hip Hop this year, and they danced to Witch Doctor, a version from the Alvin & the Chipmunks Movie, sung by the Chipmunks. It was a fun cute dance that we would practice in the kitchen to help her learn it for recital. Even Trestin would join in, usually two beats behind, and Garrick would join in the fun occasionally!
Here she is at the rehearsal doing her "triple shake."
Dancin' in the isle at rehearsal as the other classes practiced! She loves to get her groove on!

I had 3/4ths of my ADG dancing and lots of other little friends, so I made Hershey Kisses Roses to give to all our little dancer friends. Big hit! I'll have to make more next time!

She's gotten pretty good at the "Hip Hop Face" as her teacher calls it! Even got some attitude with it!

Closer Hip Hop Face!

Aleksia was in the front of the line when it came time to "Timber" & "Grasshopper Leaps" as the moves are called!
Aleksia is in there somewhere, time to take a final bow before the Free Style!