Friday, July 16, 2010

McCormick Park

Every year alot of my Dad's side of the family goes to McCormick Park on the Idaho side of the Snake River. We head down 95 till we get to Cambridge, then head towards the Snake. We love it! I figured, I've been going for around 17 years! We've been able to go most of our married life, and the kids look forward to it every year! We stayed a week this year, and enjoyed every minute of it! The weather was great, hot enough to play in the water, but cool enough a couple days, especially the day we left! Nice and cool for packing up! We missed several family members that typically come, but was super fun that both my brothers were able to make it. Even Brenton's "lady friend" Cori who we got to meet for the first time! She handled our big crazy family great, and don't think we scared her off! Now to finish putting away/cleaning up everything! Yikes, it's a big job this year, hope you enjoy the slide show!