Friday, February 29, 2008

We're going to Texas!

So many of you know that my brother, Cameron, is getting married(May 9th). Well we just bought our tickets, and we are planning our trip! An amazing vacation that we are SOOO excited for. The kids are mainly excited about the airplane ride! Here are a few of the places we are going to go;

The temple, of course! May 9th at 11am Cameron and Nicole will be sealed. That evening will be a polynesian reception (which I am SOOOO excited to see what all that will entail).

Sea World. Which I have been to once when I was younger and was totally awesome then.

The Alamo, "We can't go to Texas and not see the Alamo!" Than says, and I agree.

"Houston, we have a problem!" The NASA Science Center. Garrick is excited for this, space and astronauts! Little boys heaven.

And a Children's Museam, which looks WAY fun!

Then an amazing water park! Now, May just can't come soon enough!

Aquatic Animals

For school on Tuesday (yeah I'm slow), we learned about animals that live in the water. Thanks to Than's creative idea of making an aquarium out of a diaper box, we had a fun activity that the kids seemed to enjoy!
Aleksia, Garrick, and Jack coloring their aquatic animals for thier aquariums.

And Kody, at the other end of the table coloring all his animals green.

Kody (he colored all his green) and Jack's (all his are yellow) aquarium out of a diaper box with crabs that they said look like spiders, "They need pinchers!" they told me. Oh well, that was as creative as I felt like getting at the time with two 5 year olds, two 3 year olds, and Trestin (13 1/2 months old) all running around crazy!

Garrick (blue) and Aleksia's (orange) aquarium.

Then the highlight of school for the kids I think was playing with playdough at the end. They had a BLAST!

Look Mom, chop sticks!

Garrick thought he was cool, and using a fork and a spoon like "chop sticks" to eat his cup o' noodle. The weird thing is, it worked really good for him. So in his crazieness, he can be quite inventive.
Like his kool aid mustache!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

But I buckled him Mom

So I'm busy doing dishes, and it's kinda quiet, so I ask the kids what they are doing, "Nothing!" the tell me. "What is Trestin doing?" I ask back. "Just sitting here," but something seemed wrong. So I go around the corner, and this is what I find. "Who did this?" I ask. "I did mom," Garrick says meek and timidly. "But I buckled him Mom!" he replies excitedly, as to justify that he picked up his brother and put him in the doll stroller and was pushing him around. At least they where thinking somewhat about safety. Oh the things siblings do to each other.

Christmas Clothes (finally)

So it took me forever to finish them, then I wasn't at church for the first several weeks of the new year d/t work, then when I was I never got pictures, so FINALLY here are some pictures of us (except Than, but he just had a tie out of the green) in our "Christmas Clothes" in February.
All three kids looking all fancy, for 2 seconds!

Garrick in his vest and bow tie, 5 years old

Aleksia in her "princess dress" she calls it since it poofs out alot (thanks to the slip under it), 3 1/2 years old.

Trestin in matching tie and vest, 13 months old

Not that great of a pic of me, I look huge! This is why I stay behind the camera. Oh well. You can't tell very good, but my dress is out of the same material as Aleksia's , so we too match.

Baby Goats

My good friend and coworker's (Cristi) goats had babies, and we went to see them on Saturday. They have 11 babies if I remember right. The kids love the idea of "Farm Life," but their city born and raised mother wouldn't have a clue what to do on a farm, so they'll just have to be satisfied by visiting a farm now and then.
Cassidi holding a goat for my kids to see.

Not a great photo, I'm holding Trestin and trying to get the picture too. But anyways, one of Trestin petting a baby goat that Cristi is holding for us.

Garrick holding a baby speckled goat. I think he/she is the cutest. I love the spots!

Cristi helping Aleksia hold a baby goat.

Cristi was kind and let Garrick and Aleksia try milking a goat that has an abundant milk supply. They both did pretty good.

Valentines Day

Sorry I've been horrible about posting. Life at our house has been crazy, as I'm sure yours all are too. So with Trestin napping, and Garrick & Aleksia resting while watching a movie, I'll play catch up on the highlights.
For Than I made heart rice crispies (one of his favorites) on a stick with other various favorite candies around it, then gave him a bear (with yet to get a picture of me in it, I'm always behind the camera not in front). So I snuck out of the house the night before, and put it on his desk with a sign and paper hearts from my punches. The kids blew my cover the next morning, so he knew something was in his office. There are no secrets with a 3 year old!

This is what the kids got, a stuffed animal (puppy and hedgehogs). They found them that morning on their chairs (Trestin really doesn't have a chair yet, so he claims the swing as his).

You can't tell from this picture, but for V-day I painted pink hearts on Aleksia's fingers then put clear sparkles over the top. She was in heaven!

Our old ward invited us to their V-day party on Friday morning, and the kids made out like halloween! Yikes!!! To let you know, Garrick was very proud that he wrote his name on all 30 of the cards that he gave out! Good practice for him.

She's obviously more excited about the candy then the cards.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Here are some "Valentines" from us, to you! Hope you all have a good day!

Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm addicted

So last Saturday we rented My Sims for the Wii. I've never played any of the Sims games. The idea behind it sounded fun, and sounded kinda like some other games I've played and liked (Harvest Moon; where you live on a farm and raise crops and animals and find a spouse or Animal Crossing thanks to Dara!). Plus it looked cutesy, and I like cutesy, so I tried it. Wow! I became addicted! It was alot of fun! But unfortunately it goes back to Hastings tomorrow. That's probably a good thing, seeing as I have other projects that I need to work on. But I was a good girl and only played it after I had done housework and the kids where asleep or napping. So my motherly/wifely duties where not shunned!