Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nanny (Granny) Hat

My Granny made the kids hats for Christmas, and Trestin LOVES his!
"Who made your had Trestin?" You ask. He replies, "Nanny!" He wears it inside and outside. Puts it on this way and that way. I've never seen a kid so in love with a hat for this long! Thank you Granny!

They like the laminate floors... play legos on! "They don't get lost Mom!" Plus the fact that they can slide all over the place. So they are slowing learning, as they fall and get hurt, why Mommy & Daddy keep saying, "No running in the house!" It's not to be mean, it's to prevent injuries, which so far have just been minor!

Happy 2nd Birthday Trestin!

Poor Trestin's birthday was at the end of my three days of working, so it wasn't too exciting for him, but luckily he's two and doesn't really understand anyways!

Trestin watching his "Birday Dake" cook! I think he stayed there the entire time! Notice the Sesame Street "capries." They where an old pair of Aleksia's that I made several years ago for all the grandkids on Than's side to wear for a "Grandkid Picture" for G&G Roberts. He LOVES Elmo, and found them and wouldn't take them off.
On your birthday you get to pick what you want for dinner, which is usually out to eat somewhere. Well since he's a funny eater recently, we opted for Denny's, with it's wide variety of choices. Plus breakfast for dinner sounded good and they do breakfast all day!

Here is my attempt at an Elmo cake. He turned out pink, but Trestin recognized him, and loved it. So that's all that counts.

His "Say cheese" face

He's very nervous around fire (and that's a GREAT thing, especially since we now have 2 gas fireplaces that he's stays back from), so he's trying to blow out his candles from as far back as he can.

He liked the sugar letters. It was probably his second favorite thing about his cake after Elmo.

He's very excited about his Little People Airplane!

Snow, snow, and MORE snow!

Yes, this is an old post. But since it's a REALLY slow night at work (no women are going into labor in the Colfax area tonight), so it's time to play catch up from before and after the move. During our 3 weeks of delay on signing we had some big snow storms dumping tons of snow! The kids of course loved it! Mom, not so much any more. Especially since it was the same time that Than had pneumonia, so that left me, the pregnant lady to do the shoveling. Oh well, I survived!
Garrick standing on top of the mound of snow that was accumulating from shoveling the side walk.

Our drive way and mounds of snow!

Aleksia sledding down the hill behind our old house.

Go Garrick go!

This was supposed to be before the last two pics, but oh well. Behind our house was a hill, that in the nonsnowy times is sage brush. Well the kids loved to walk half way up to the flat spot, then sled down. That first drop was quite a big one! I went down with them 5/6 times to get a "path" for them to follow in, then they where off!

Monday, January 19, 2009

100th Post!

On my 100th post, I get to show you our new house! FINALLY!!! We finally signed the papers, January 9th, only 3 weeks after our original date. But it worked out in the long run because for the weekends before we had horrible snow storms and couldn't have moved anyway. But thanks to wonderful people at church that where willing to help us move with less then a 12 hour notice, we got it done in no time!

We are loving all the space! The kids are as hyper as Christmas morning, EVERYDAY! Garrick is loving walking to and from school too. The first day he woke up earlier then normal asking, "Is it time to go to school?" "No Garrick, you still have 2 hours till school even starts. It's too early!" Now if all the boxes would just magically unpack themselves, I'd be the happiest girl in the world! But it's kinda fun finding spots for everything though. But finding the time to do it is the problem, while working full time night shift. Oh well, we are moved, and that's what's important, and the unpacking will just have to be over time. So come on over for a "real tour," but in the mean time, enjoy the slide show!