Sunday, November 28, 2010


Wow, I haven't finished our trip yet! Life just happens, and I loose track of time! Well the next day after I hurt my ankle we went to Grand Caymans, but those pics of the sting rays are at home, and I'm at work killing time, so we'll skip to the last day of ports, Cozumel! I hobbled along, like I said earlier, being told "No more tequila!" by many locals! Ha! If they only knew me! Than and I headed out for tourist shopping, then around noon he headed back by the ship to finally go on a fishing excursion. We canceled the Mayan Ruins cause of my ankle, and heard later that it wasn't that great anyways. Than didn't want to leave me with my ankle, but I convinced him to go anyways. I was a bit nervous, but stayed in main areas and did fine. Just hobbling along at my own slow pace! The fishing for him turned out lame, although the guide really did try! Moving to a lot of different places Than said, but luckily he just enjoys being out there! The weather that day was really nice, except for one down pour for 10 minutes, then beautiful again! There was a lot of tourist shops to occupy my time, and it was fun! Granted my foot was VERY sore afterwards, but still had fun!