Sunday, November 22, 2009

Still busy, but here's what we're doin'....

Playing catch up again, but oh well. With all our trees in our new house, it makes for alot of raking. Luckily the kids LOVED IT! "I want to do this every year Mom!" Well guess what son, that's exactly what you get to do, until you move out! The appeal is probably the jumping in the big pile, but I'll settle for what I can get!
Garrick jumping in
Aleksia's turn
Trestin is in there somewhere.....

All three, enjoying the leaves in our new house! After we raked and bagged the leaves, we found out that Pullman has a leaf pick up! I thought people where just lazy and raking them to the edge of the road off the side walk! Oh well, we'll know for next year!

25 (little) cinnamon rolls for Garrick's Birthday Treat at school! That's what he wanted last year too, but I convinced him to take cupcakes, but seeing as Mom wasn't nauseated from pregnancy this year I didn't have a good excuse!

The birthday boy! Well Saturday it was, but no school on the weekends!

One happy class to be getting cinnamon rolls. I heard one girl say, "These are better then my Mom's!" So I think they where a success! Garrick's cute teacher, Mrs. Thompson in the back ground who is due in February.

She finally decided that baby food and real food are okay! She liked Garrick's chocolate cake. She is her father's daughter!

Due to craziness at our house, we didn't get around to birthday cake till 3 days after his birthday! He was a good sport!

Garrick at his first b-ball game! He's not just running from one side to the other to stand under the hoop now. He's actually trying to block people and make 3 baskets last game!

So this past week was Disney on Ice, Worlds of Fantasy, up in Spokane. It consisted of Cars, Little Mermaid, Lion King, and Tinkerbell. It's always fun, but the best part is seeing our children's eyes light up, and the pure excitement in their faces gives me goose bumps! Trestin sat beside me, and he was so fun! He would get SOOO excited every time someone new would come out, and YELL, "MOM, LOOK! IT'S ______!" So much fun! So here is Minnie and Mickey.

Goofey trying to help fix Mickey and Minnie's broken car.

Well they couldn't fix the car, so who came to help... Mater! Cars was my favorite part of it. They where REAL cars being driven on the ice by people hidden inside. It was very cool!
The entire Cars crew that showed up. Minus McQueen of course.

Lightening McQueen! Their mouths moved, eyes blinked, and voiced by the actors from the movie!

Next was Ariel. Here they are dancing to Under the Sea!

Timon and Pumba where my favorite on Lion King, and they where cute on ice too! Simba and the lions where kinda whimpy though, not real big, but easier to skate in probably.

Then Tinkerbell. That one was the longest, and probably from one of the Tinkerbell movies (which we haven't seen) when she becomes a Tinker Fairy. It was cute, but wish it was shorter and Cars was longer. Oh well!

Aleksia's Kindergarten Fall Feast was the 19th. They made stone soup, muffins, and pumpkin pie. They made cute little turkey hats and sang the Turkey song:
Gobble gobble went the turkey,wobble wobble went his tail.
Shall we eat him, shall we great him, shall we let him share this meal.
"Please don't eat me," begged the turkey. "I am quite a friend you'll see.
And soon you will discover stone soup tastes better then me!"

The hat

Albuquerque the Turkey outside of her class room.

So Than defended his Masters thesis on the 20th, and PASSED! He was so nervous and stressing out, but he did awesome! Now to just finish his thesis and hand it in by Dec 1st! Here he is working out the kinks before his Power Point presentation. His title of the thesis is:
Catacholamine Innervation of the Ventrolateral Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis: Role in Corticosterone and Feeding Responses to Glucose Deficit
Try saying that 10 times! I can bearly say it once!

Than's sister Sarah, got Cassiah these ADORABLE Robez boots! Even thought they are HUGE on her, they are too cute to NOT have them on her now! So here she is very stylin' ready for church today! And how appropriate since it snowed all day today! Although they aren't very good snow boots!
Cassiah's stylin' boots from Aunt Sarah! Thanks, we (and everyone at church too) LOVES them!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catch up

I've been so busy it seems all I post is catch ups! Well here they are:

Cassiah is now 6 months, so we started solids. Well we've tried, she won't eat them! Her tongue is used to breastfeeding, and it just kicks out the food. All of it! Then after about 2 bites she purses her lips together and will NOT open her mouth! Stuborn little girl. I hope she realizes she can't have Mommy Milk for the rest of her life!
Cassiah enjoys the walker on our laminate flooring. She cruises around so easy but it's not so soft when it comes to play time on the floor. She's now rolling all over and doesn't stay on the blanket very well. Anyways, she likes to "help" with dishes! Although luckily she pushes it closed with her tray as she gets closer, so luckily she can't reach, but she sure tries!

This is as far and she can get and as much as she can reach!

Every Friday till the end of the year (2009) is "Crazy ______ Day", well today was Crazy Hair Day. Garrick's is blue with pink spots and then a blue dot in the middle. He thought he was pretty cool!

Aleksia was pink with the tips of her 3 ponies purple!

So Trestin goes potty in the toilet now (diapers only at night) so we bought him a fish too and 3 little snails, for a grand total of $0.76!!! Sometimes my kids are cheap to bribe! Well Bolt is adjusting to the water, and is 1/4-1/3 the size of Ariel and Buzz Lightyear! Luckily they didn't think he was food and eat him....yet!

Than plotting out his pumpkin design as we carved pumpkins for FHE.

Yeah, he scooped his own goo and didn't "puke" this year!

Aleksia grabbing out the goo

Wasn't too happy that Dad smeared goo on his tummy!

I was hoping to have her sit in the pumpkin for a cute Anne Gettes type picture, but no luck. So she just stood since she didn't fit!

The finished products. Daddy's "puking," Trestin's, Mommy's, Cassiah's, Garrick's, and Aleksia's

The pumpkins out on the front porch with our couple other Halloween decorations!

Cassiah in a so cute outfit that Aleksia wore too. It's almost too small, so we had to get a pic quick!

Garrick putting jello on his cupcakes for school. The idea was that the jello would soak through and create orange blobs, but it didn't work so good! Oh well, he had fun using a syringe and squirting jello onto the cupcakes!

So I was lazy and recycled a costume for Cassiah too! She was Tinkerbell, that I made for Aleksia's first halloween when they where Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Her favorite part was eating the dress!

Robin and Tink before our little halloween party. Due to conferences Aleksia didn't get a Halloween party and get to wear her costume to school, so she had some of her K friends over and their at home siblings over for a little party!

The "quickly thrown together" pinata. Alissa remember when we made a pinata with Hillary and Elis? Fun times! Everytime we make one I think back...... ah memories!

Our eye ball cupcakes! Garrick made some of these for his party at school too.

Soup cans covered in halloween paper held the candy corn and chocolate covered pretzels (idea from Tennille's reception. Kudos to your Mom for making that many, all I can say is WOW!!!)

Kids at the party; Buzzlight Year-Zane, Mario-Lance, Wonder Woman-Aleksia, Batman-Roman, Robin-Trestin, Dorothy-Olivia, Gandolf-Trevor, Little Red Riding Hood-Lucy, and hiding is Flower-Gwen, Bumble Bee-Jeannie, and Snow White-Tatum. Here they are coloring their pumpkins and BINGO boards.
Picking up all the candy after the pinata was thrown on the ground by Trevor since it broke off the hanger that was holding it attached to the rope. Oh well, they got candy and that's all they care about!

Kathleen brought her parachute and had some fun with the kids!

One pooped out little Tink! Too much partying for her!

Cassiah in her pumpking shirt chillin' on the couch!

Trestin tried on Garrick's old Peter Pan costume. It was alittle short, but otherwise fit. Yeah, more dress up clothes! He wore it all yesterday; while my Activity Day Girls where here, to Garrick's B-Ball practice....

At the Truck-or-Treat at church, not many trick-or-treating pics since I had to work all weekend!

One tuckered out little girl from the Trunk-or-Treat

Yesterday for ADG we made pumpkin pies! I love these girls!!! I have so much fun working with them! We had 11 come yesterday, that include 3 friends!