Friday, October 16, 2009

What we've been up too...

ALOT! Here are some of the highlights

Getting ready for Halloween! The kids are recycling last years costumes since I made them HUGE! Yeah, one less thing to do. Although I did sew some costumes for a coworker, which you will see lower down. Since Garrick is now full day school, he gets a party at school. Aleksia won't because the week of conferences is during Halloween. Well conferences mean half day, aka no school for K which is half day anyways. So the crazy feel bad for my K daughter that I am, decided to have a small Halloween party for her and her K friends, plus a couple more. So pics of that up coming event at a later date. But we've also been decorating. I have the most decorations for Halloween, except Christmas, out of all the holidays. Plus the kids made some more this year! In years past I bought blank wooden pumpkins, with the intent to create them into decorations, well we finally did. Here is a (fuzzy) blank one

Than even got into the whole thing! Here he is painting with Aleksia.

A closer look

Havin' fun painting the pumpkins orange

Then was the designing of the pumpkins! (no pics) They would draw the face on paper, then I'd trace it on, outlined it in sharpe, painted the inside yellow, then I applied glow in the dark paint to the back sharpe outline. And now they are hanging on our windows with a string and suction cup. Very cute and the kids had a blast! I'll get a final pic of them on here later.

One of the last pics of our thumb sucking little girl. She didn't suck it much, just usually as she was almost alseep to get herself fully asleep. But no more! Kinda sad.
Garrick's bottom teeth where too big for his mouth, so after loosing the first two the normal way, he had to go into the dentist to get 2 other teeth pulled to make room for those 2 big teeth to come forward. The dentist said that he may still have to have braces later, but atleast these two teeth will be where they are supposed to be (not 3 mm behind!) leaving the rest alittle sideways. He did awesome! Yes cried for the novicaine, and SCREAMED for the 2 extractions, but was a trooper! Here are the holes!

The holes again, but fuzzy. It wouldn't focus very well.

Look at those monsters! There was more root below the gums then above! Instead of getting $1 per tooth, the nice tooth fairy left $3 for compensation for all the trauma!

All three kids are still in love with Cassiah. They still fight over her. Who got to hold her last, you got to play with her last time, quite hogging her... Garrick is entertaining her here while I did some laundry.


You can't see very well, but Cassiah was facinated by the quail out at the bird feeder! Oh, there are some of our pumpkins!

Little Miss Smiley! What a happy baby we have! Some days all you have to do is look at her and this is what you get! Love it!!!!

Open mouthed smiles

She's trying to sit up by herself, but won't do it by herself!

Silly girl! At 5 1/2 months old she is still only rolling from her back to her tummy, then gets grumpy 'cause she's stuck and can't move. Her length on her tummy before she gets grumpy is getting longer, but hasn't figured out how to roll back over. And won't sit up on her own yet. Compared to little Ava who's only 3 weeks older (family friend) who is CRAWLING from what I've heard, we are a bit slow! Oh well, I'm not ready for another mobile child!!!!

The squirrels are back, and still not shy!

I know we shouldn't feed them, but one time won't hurt? Plus is was old bread anyways....

Yesterday Garrick's class at school earned a trip to Ferdinands for filling up the "Marble Jar." From what I can gather a marble goes in the jar when they do "good stuff." They rode the transit bus, since it stops right across from the school. Well since we live right by the school we tagged along on the bus, instead of paying for metered parking at $0.25/1o minutes! Here they are at the bus stop across from school ready to go!

So if you've been to Pullman, you know Ferdinands! YUMMY! They use the milk from local WSU cows to make ice cream and (expensive) famous Cougar Gold Cheese! We watched videos on how they make both, then got to eat some ice cream while watching them actually making it from the observation deck!

The kids where awesome and good troopers! Maybe because they got a banana split with strawberry & mint chocolate chip ice cream with sprinkles and gummy bears. Not my choice, obviously, but not a too bad of a combo.

Killing time before the bus showed up, they played duck duck goose.

Waiting for the bus across from Martin Stadium, for those former cougs!

Daddy getting a quick little snuggle with Cassiah (notice the costume on the couch on the top right, explanation is below)

Then the camera flashed and she was up, ready to play!

So here are the costumes that have caused me much anxiety! There is no pattern for a Violet Incredible costume, so I had to make one. Well two actually. So I had a pattern for the red shell, then "created" the rest. WOW, not much to it, but trying to create it, was a challenge! But they turned out super cute, and now don't want to part with them. But I got some pics, and will give them to her tonight at work. They are out of fleece, and SUPER warm. So a light pair of clothing under them will all that will be needed on a chilly Halloween night. I hate that the costumes are so stinkin' thin and then the kids have to be bundled up, then no one can tell what they are. Problem solved!

Trestin trying it on.

Sweet siblings! Most of the time

Closer view