Monday, September 22, 2008

Whitman County Fair 2008

I know, it's taken me FOREVER! But in my defense it's hard to work full time, take care of 3 kids, have a kindergartner (wake up at 6:45 am to get him ready for school to catch the bus early), get my church callings done, have extra "stuff" from work to do, try to stay on top of laundry/dishes/cleaning, and be pregnant (which entails varying degrees of constant nausea and fighting the urge to lay down and take a nap every 10 minutes. So here is the fair, FINALLY! The kids had a ball as usual. I on the other hand, felt really crappy, but survived! The Baby Barn was a usual hit with it's small crowd of nursing & diaper changing moms. The kids and I both entered stuff into the fair, which was fun. Everyday they would want to go look at their stuff and see their ribbons again. On Thursday they got to do the rides, since it was buy one pass get one free day! Trestin even got to participate some in the rides too! No sooner had it ended, and they where asking about the fair next year! So I guess they had a good time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

First Day of School (finally)

I know, I'm a slacker blogger. I used to be so good...but now life if CRAZY! Here are his first day pics. BTW, he LOVES school. His top 3 favorite things are;
1- Learning to read. I love seeing his eyes light up after he's sounded out a word and realizes what it is!
2- Recess. Duh, he's a kid
3- Riding the bus. But if we buy the house across the street from the school, his bus days will be over, and he's okay with that. So I'm glad we decided to drive him to the bus stop instead of just driving him in (although it would have been just as easy). Because otherwise he might not have gotten the chance.
It's so amazing to see his growth and the knowledge he's already sucking in, in such a short time! Amazing!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We now have a due date!

We where finally able to go to the doctor today, and we have a due date! April 21, 2009! I'm actually 8 weeks along instead of the 7 I thought. Yeah! Still feeling crappy! Various degrees of nausea on a almost constant basis, and extremely tired! I don't remember being this tired. But I've never been pregnant, chasing and cleaning up after 3 kids, have a kindergartner, house hunting, doing Activity Day Girls, and work full time all at once! Luckily, Heavenly Father didn't listen to a 5 year old's prayer, and there is only ONE baby in there! Not a girl AND a boy like he was wanting! Sorry Garrick!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm still here...

Sorry for soooo long without a post, I've really been bad! But life has been crazy with a lot going on! Garrick starting school (yes I have pics that I'll post someday!), Activity Day Girls (my new calling at church) started this week, the fair starting today and going till Sunday, house searching, and then to top it all off finding out that we are expecting! I thought that it was just stress. When I get really nervous about something (Garrick starting school, starting back full time, house hunting, how can I get everything done that I need to in such a short amount of time) I get nauseated. Well it didn't get better and it didn't get better... And I was more tired then normal (kids and 7 years of night shift have really throw me and have never recovered) so I took a test. WOW! Very positive! We see the doctor next Wednesday for a official date. But seeing as with the other 3 I started getting sick at 5 weeks, I'm probably around 6 now, so that puts me about late April or early May. So I'll keep ya posted! And hopefully soon I'll get some pics up of Garrick's first day and the fair. Wish me luck!