Friday, February 6, 2009

One sick little boy!

Tuesday night we where just heading to bed, when we heard vomiting coming from the boys room. I go rushing in there to find poor little Trestin in a pile! He then proceeded to vomit 4 more times with 4 more bed changes and 4 more jammy changes before settling in for the night. The next day he was a very lethargic boy, with a temp hovering around 102 all day! I peeked in his ears (one of the perks to being a nurse) with my otoscope and saw a very red ear drum! The next day (yesterday) I had a doctor's apt, and had the doctor peek in there too, and he said, "Wow!" So needless to say the poor little guy is on antibiotics now! Here he is on Wednesday vegging out. One of the few times he wasn't in my arms wanting to "nuggle" all day long. He didn't want to be in his bed, he wanted to be out with us. So he settled for the camp chair.
Despite feeling like crap, he still said "Cheese" for the camera! Poor guy. Notice the sippy (of Gatorade, NOT milk) cup in the cup holder. He didn't feel like drinking much once I let him, but he still wanted it close by.
He wasn't awake much that day! His first ear infection at the age of 2 years old really wiped him out! But today he's up and running and playing almost like normal!