Friday, November 28, 2008

Jammies Photo

So here are the only two decent pics from our session at Sears. It was late in the day, Trestin was grumpy, and the lady taking our pics wasn't very kid friendly. But hey, we only get the $9.99 package of one pose, so oh well. Oh how I wish I lived by some of you photography people again! I never took advantage of your talent while you where here in Pullman! My loss! You can't see our jammies very well either, which upset me a bit. For those of you that don't know, Than HATES to dress up. So since we all get jammies for Christmas (matching of course, made by yours truly), that's what we get our annual family picture in! Nice and comfy as others are there in their frilly dresses and ties. In walk us, in our jammies! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am Tagged-
I am: a wife, mother, nurse
I know: that everything happens for a reason
I want: to go to sleep! It's a slow night at work, hence why I'm doing this!
I dislike: onions
I miss: my family! I feel like I'm either working or sleeping because I just worked! Working full time night shift SUCKS!
I feel: like my head is bearly above water these days
I hear: the quiet of patients sleeping, ahhh
I want to: go eat my dinner, I'm hungry
I smell: our new hospital. It doesn't smell like a hospital though! Probably because it's still new
I crave: Safeway Chinese food! More of a "always sounds good" instead of a "crave" though
I cry: more then I should, darn hormones of pregnancy!
I search: for clean clothes for the kids, I really need some days off to sort through laundry and put away the clean and wash the dirty!
I wonder: how in the world we are going to move and clean with in a 12 day time period with me only having 4 days off, AND Christmas in the middle!!!
I regret: not having more self esteem/confidence in HS
I love: my family!
I care: making a difference in my children's lives
I worry: that I'm not spending the quality time with my kids like I should be. There just isn't enough time in the day!
I remember: not a hole lot these days!
I believe: in miracles
I dance: only if no one's looking
I don't: do many things I should (I agree with Sarah)
I argue: with my children daily
I write: lots of doctor's orders tonight
I win: not very often
I lose: more often then I win
I wish: we where already moved! And could enjoy Christmas in our new house!
I listen: to Christmas music already!
I can usually be found: at home or work, it feels like a 50/50 thing
I am scared: that something will happen to Than or the kids
I need: my bed!
I forget: alot of things lately!
I am happy: that we are finally buying a house!
I tag: any one who wants to play

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turkey Songs

Here is a video of Garrick's two turkey songs from his "Harvest Feast" at kindergarten. They made, with supervision; stone soup, corn muffins, butter and little pumpkin pies. Garrick was so proud, that he was one of the few that was able to shake the jar of butter all by himself and wasn't a "weenie" like some of the other kids. "I'm very strong Mom!"

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Super Heroic Halloween!

I got them done! With a couple of hours to go until "showtime!" Here are some pics of the kids in their costumes, the at a Halloween carnival that Parks and Rec puts on. It's only $1 per kid, so it's an awesome deal and there are TONS of things for the kids to do, and candy to get (hurray! Like they didn't get enough at the church's Trunk or Treat!). Enjoy!