Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Trestin!

I can't believe my little baby is one! Last night after getting him to sleep, I didn't want to put him in bed, cause I knew that in the morning he'd be one, and I felt like I could postpone it some how. The time has flown by (it seems the more kids one has, the faster it flies). He is getting such a little personality! He's not walking yet (like all his friends his age), but that's ok! He says "Mom", "Adad" (dad), "Ith" (ritz, his second favorite right under chocolate), "Ah un" (all done), and starting to say "Uh oh." He can sign more, eat, all done, and milk. Here are some pics from today.
He likes to play with the kids' Leap Frog. He'll push the button to play the ABC's then bop up and down dancing with a HUGE grin on his face. He knows the letters go in it, but he's putting the wrong set of letter in.

After lunch he's trying to play peek-a-boo, one handed, the little cheater.

He loves to help Mom do the dishes!

Eating out for his birthday at Chinese, his favorite thing was the fruit. Go figure.

Unwrapping gifts. Even after Christmas, he still hasn't gotten the hang of it, but luckily Aleksia was itching to help him!

Fisher Price Little People Dinosaur Toy

Star shaped cakes for his birthday cake. Mom frosted, then everyone got to choose their sprinkles.

"Happy Birthday to you..."

Yummy! He didn't waste much time in digging in.

"Uh un" - All done he signs

Getting squeaky clean in the tub after eating his birthday cake!


Tarah said...

I can't believe he's one! Time really does go by fast. So, I know you guys haven't moved, but I feel like you live in another state or something. I'm glad I found your blog so I can keep posted on what's happening with the Huston's.

Shannon B said...

He REALLY is one already!? What a cute happy guy! You must come visit so I can see that cute man (and the rest of you too!) HAppy B-day Trestin!