Friday, January 15, 2010

Three years old!

Yesterday was Trestin's 3rd birthday! Here he is all excited with his 2 presents and a bag?
In the bag was a rag quilt that I FINALLY finished. I started it over 2 years ago. Now he will have a blanket of his own, instead of Garrick's old one once I made him a rag quilt too. He didn't get that the blanket WAS the present. He kept moving it to the side asking, "Where is the present?"

One smiley boy talking to Grandpa Huston who called to wish him a Happy Birthday!

At first he didn't care too much for the blanket, then it quickly became one of his favorite things! I think it will be big enough, for a while at least!

I made his different this time, with a different pattern on both sides. "Oh Mom, why isn't ours (his and Aleksia's) like that?" Garrick complained. Little jealous. Gotta be some perks to being the 3rd kid with hand me downs!

The kids all love to help cook, so he was pretty stoked about "making his cake!"

We baked it in the cool pan that Grandma Roberts made for us with our name on it! Thanks Grandma!

Favorite part of baking a cake!

He frequently "checked on it."

My pathetic attempt at another "Elmo" cake like last year. He knew that it was Oscar, Elmo, and Cookie Monster. So that's all that counts!

Brothers playing with his new Thomas the Train toys!

The "Happy Birthday" banner I made with my Silhouette. I'm in love!

On your birthday you get to pick where we go to eat. And guess where he picked?

He finally ate enough, so he got to go play.


Singing to him

Still nervous around the "fire," but he managed to blow them out from a safe distance!


All tucked in with all his Elmos (about 4/5), his new blanket, and the puppy he bought with his $ from G&G Fisher! Thank you, he loves it!

Pick of the puppy!