Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bows, bows, and more bows!

These floral hair bows are ALL OVER the blogging world right now. Super cute, and looks super easy! I want to have a bow making party sometime soon with some girl friends (where everyone brings a stem of flowers, then we all share and make super cute bows!), but needed to make some for a baby shower coming up soon. So we decided to try it out. WOW! Aleksia really got into it, and we ended up making 0ver 25 bows just for her! Plus some for a co worker's girls, and some for the baby.

Here is Aleksia creating some combos. She had to be redirected a little, "No honey, a pink flower doesn't go with a blue and yellow button."

Well then Garrick came home and wanted to get in on the action. At first he said he'd make some for the girls in his class, but then with some redirection from Mom, ended up just making one for his teacher. Although he had a ball too, and wanted to keep going. Luckily it was time to put it all away and start on dinner!

Here are some of the finished product!

Here are the baby ones. There is a ribbon around the elastic headband, so the flowers will just clip on to it, and then they are interchangeable for her cute little bald head!

So yesterday I showed them to my Activity Day Girls, to see if it's something they would want to do as an activity in the future. They LOVED them! And then put a bunch in Cassiah's hair! She tolerated it so well, and just LOVES all the attention that they give her!


We have been working on a gate for the stairs for quite a while now, and we finally got it up!!!
Here is Than finding studs to secure it right.
Tada! It hinges, and swings open from the wall. And is held in place by a very high tech bungee cord! Hey it works! Now I'm not paranoid of Cassiah falling down the stairs and ending up on the cement at the bottom!

A view from the stairs of our little jail bird! She thinks it's funny to chuck her toys down and watch as they bounce down all the steps!

Happy St Patricks Day!

Aleksia's "homework" for this week was to build a leprechaun trap. So here is what we came up with!
Her favorite part was stamping clovers on the paper with a potato! She thought a potato stamp was pretty cool! So the leprechaun climbs the straw/toothpick ladder, and as he walks towards the money, falls in! Because the top of the box is open! Here she is posing (sorry, didn't have the red eye on, and haven't fixed it in Photo Shop) with it before bed!
The leprechaun fell through!

But he escaped with the money! Luckily he was a nice leprechaun and left some decorations and some green goodies for the kids (shampoo to share, notebook, pencil, gum, and Andes mints)

And also left a fun clover "thing" for the kids to walk through as they came down the stairs from their bedrooms!

Aleksia was excited about the "nice leprechaun" that left us stuff.

Garrick and Trestin checking out their stuff. Garrick asked, "Why didn't he trash our house and turn stuff upside down like in our class room last year at school?" I told him be cause this was a nicer leprechaun, and also since we baited the trap with money, he then thought he'd give us a nice "treat" in return for taking the money!" They bought my story!

Made green clover pancakes for breakfast!

Cassiah wasn't too excited about her pancake. She shredded it, and chucked it all on the floor! So she ate 1 1/2 sausage patties instead! She is SUCH a meat eater! Our little carnivore!