Thursday, December 18, 2008

When it POURS!

Well it's been one heck of a day! While it was snowing outside like crazy (although not as much as for our Spokane friends), it's been pouring inside! It started last night when we found out that we probably won't close on our house on the 19th like we thought. Due to the low rates lots of people are deciding to refinance which makes for more work load for the bank. So after shoveling 3-6" this morning (depending on the drifts) I proceed to try to contact our lender to see if we are able to close tomorrow! Than calls around lunch time saying he's going to the doctor since he doesn't feel very good. Then get another call from the hospital saying he's getting a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. I then go out to shovel another 3" before going to Garrick's dentist apt at 2:40pm. After shoveling I came in and checked my email to see if our lender had replied, and the kids yell out, "Trestin's in your purse and eating medicine!" Tylenol 500mg tablet to be exact. AHHHHH! Called poison control, and they advise that if he's taken 4 or more tabs he needs to go to the ER. Well I wasn't sure, but better to be safe then sorry. I would have preferred to go to my hospital, but since the roads where crappy, and time is of the essence, we took off for Pullman's ER. I had to tune out the Mom in me and focus on the nurse in me. I knew what needed to be done, and focused on getting us to the ER so we could start the process, and not let my emotions get in the way. Well we arrived 10 minutes after ingestion at the ER! Pretty good! Luckily they had me "feed" him the activated charcoal instead of sticking a tube into his tummy and pumping it into him. But that was no picnic! It was black tar, that got all over everything! But I was able to hold him down and force feed him 3/4 of it! They then let us go home, and come back in for a blood test 4 hours later to check a tylenol level.

**in english, and not medical mumbo jumbo, activated charcoal binds to the tylenol so it won't be absorbed then they just poop it out. The tylenol level 4 hours later will give us a good idea of how much he absorbed and is now floating around in his system. Tylenol overdose unfortunately shows no symptoms. It just kills your liver. That's an organ he kinda needs!**

So we get home from the ER, and there's a message on the machine saying Than's x-ray shows pneumonia! So we pick him up on the way back to the hospital later for Trestin's tylenol level. He's gotten antibiotics and nebulizer treatments. Trestin did great for his blood draw, cried less then when I had to shove charcoal down him. An hour later his level was 0! Hooray! So back home, throw the kids in bed, tuck Than in for some much needed rest, shovel 3" more from the drive way, then notify the sellers that tomorrow is a no go. They are going to potentially let us still move our stuff, since I have family coming and church guys coming on Saturday, but they are leery. I don't blame them. They rented out the place they bought, let people move in early and got burned bad, and several months later still haven't settled it. So I understand. It would probably be best to let Than get a couple days of antibiotics on board before moving in the cold. But the kicker is after this weekend I have the 24th and 25th off (but we are probably still going to Tri-Cities) and the 30th off for the rest of this month. So trying to move and clean in that little time is going to be... fun. So we'll see.

I'll end on a sweet note. As we are driving home from the ER, Garrick said:

G - Mom, I said a prayer on the way to the hospital

M - You did! What did you say?

G - Dear Heavenly Father, please help the doctors to find out what is wrong with Trestin. And please help him to get better. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

M - That was very smart and good of you Garrick! (as a tear forms in my eye)

G - I know!

So my sweet little 6 year old remembered to pray for help in times of need, as his mother tried to keep her whits about her and get us safely to the ER. What an amazing little boy we have!

I have a pic of Trestin all tuckered out after his ER visit, but our internet is freeking out, so later I guess!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We decided to find out, and ...

I was all for waiting, but when I was in labor with Trestin Than and I made an agreement that if I was wrong on the gender, we would find out what the next one was. Well with Garrick and Aleksia I KNEW they where a boy and a girl, but with Trestin I wasn't sure, but leaning more towards girl. Obviously I was wrong. So when we went in for my apt today, the doctor wanted to know if we wanted to know, and I look at Than (who had been teetering on the fence), and he said "Yes." So it's a girl. Aleksia is very excited, especially seeing as she is going to be sharing a room with the new baby once it arrives. Now to figure out names, which seems to be the hardest part for us. Good thing we still have till April! As for now, we are concentrating on the move. Which happens this weekend. Wish us luck! Hopefully no horrible storms this weekend like last. I worked, and the ER was CRAZY with accidents, and I took care of some that had to have surgery. Let's just say it really shook me up, and I am a crazy slow cautious driver now!