Friday, July 25, 2008

A B C's of Danielle

A- Aunt. Aunt to Aubrey, Emmaleena, Sloane, Stella, Geoffrey, Cyrus, and Kyan.

B- Babies. I love working with the babies at the hospital!

C- Computer. I couldn't live without it! Craft projects, blogging, email, etc.

D- Disneyland. Truly a magical place, that I want to go back to! Plus I love most Disney movies.

E- Embellishments. Scrapbookers don't lie, they embellish!

F- Fishing. A favorite past time growing up, and currently.

G- Gryffindor. I love Harry Potter!

H- Hugs. I love hugs from my kids. Trestin gives the best ones, they are so tight!

I- iPod. I recently got one from my mom, and slowly becoming addicted!

J- Juice. At work my choice of beverage is 2 cans pineapple juice, and one small can of lemon lime shasta. Yum!

K- Kiss. I love kisses from Than and cheek kisses from the kids.

L- Lactation Counselor. I love helping mothers to feed their babies!

M- Mother. What I always wanted to be when I grew up.

N- Nickle Arcade. Was a blast in Utah, I wish one was in Pullman.

O-One true love. I found him, his name is Than!

P- Patience. My wonderful children help me gain everyday!!!

Q- Quick Quotes. A great scrapbooking retailer. My favorite booth at CKC!

R- Rollerskating. Haven't done it in along time, but was a favorite activity to go rollerskating at Skate West in TC growing up.

S- Scrapbooking. Someday I'll have the time again...

T- Texas. A very fun (but hot) place to visit!!!

V- Veggie Tales. Just saw the new one, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything in the theater with the kids. It was cute!

W- Wii. Very fun to play! The kids and I play Mario Kart, it's good for my ego, somebody I can beat!

X- "X"cited. Excited to move into a house (still searching) and to transition into the newly remodeled hospital. The LDRP (Labor Delivery Recovery & Post Partum) rooms are HUGE!

Y- Yearning. To have a house of our own!

Z-Zzzzz. Can never seem to get enough of. Between kids and almost 8 years of night shift.

Now I challenge all of you to post your own A B C's!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I have been slacking!!! But we have been busy! Here are some slide shows of our business;

This is our trip to the Tri-Cities at the end of June for Than's stepsister Alana's wedding to Brian. Pics of the wedding, reception, and playing at Grandma & Grandpa Roberts house.

Here are some pictures of our return trip to Tri-Cities on Monday after hearing that my Dad had a heart attack. Thanks to all the prayers, he's recovering well.

We came back from Tri-Cities on the 4th, and went to Sunnyside park for the 4th of July festivities. In the 7 1/2 years we've lived in Pullman, we've never gone. And since our good friends the Mickelsen's don't live here any more to host an awesome bbq with a spectacular fireworks show (compliments of the Johnsons and the Botts and their firework fetishes), we thought we'd try Sunnyside this year. We love and miss you Mickelsen's!

And lastly this past week my cousin Shay, his wife Heidi and their kids (Marissa 12, Sean 10/11?, Emily 6/7?, Tyson 4) came up for Sean's All-Stars baseball championship in Moscow Id. They traveled 10 hours on a huge bus from Idaho Falls, and stayed with us. We had a blast! Shay's mom & dad (Susan & Terry) drove their trailer up and came to the games too. It was a fun weekend seeing as we weren't able to go down to Hell's Canyon this year for the annual camping trip with alot of my Dad's family because of Than trying to get done with school. My dad even came up briefly to visit with his sister (Susan). So it worked out that we where able to help them out. Shay & Heidi and Susan & Terry, you're welcome back any time!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

He's doin' great!

My dad is doing great! He is coming home today. He is such an active guy (still playing church basketball at 5:30am several times a week) that this "resting" is driving him nuts!!! He is now realizing the severity of the situation, and how close he came to death, that's it's been a humbling experience. We will be staying a couple more days, then heading back to Pullman ourselves. Thank you SOOO much for all your thoughts, prayers, emails, and calls. It was extremely close, but he made it I KNOW with the help of all your support.
Above is two pictures I took of him about 12 hours after the stent placement, and even then he was looking great!