Sunday, February 7, 2010

What we've been doin'

Even though he's not in grad school anymore, we went to one last Graduate Student Free Activity, BOWLING! It was fun, and the kids again beat me! Although by not as much this time! My excuse last time was that I was 37 weeks pregnant! No excuse this time!
Than bowling
Helping T line up his ball

Little Miss Twirlly! See her hair flying!

Crazy boys!

Final scores

Over the holiday weekend in January, Nathan (bro-in-law) came up with his 2 girls and went fishing. Saturday was just the "men," then on Monday they all went ice fishing with Than and Garrick. He was very excited, because he's wanted to go for a long time but Than always told him, "When you're 7!" Well he's 7 now! Then after they went sledding, so they had a good time!
Here they are eating breakfast as the "men" where fishing on Saturday.

Playing Mario Kart. Cassiah wanted a turn too!

Trestin loves his cousin Aubrey! He was her little shadow. She had alot of patience with him, and ended up having a soft spot for him!

Emmaleena handed down alot of her old clothes to us, and Aleksia wore one of her old dresses to church. Here they are modeling their church attire!

Trestin trying out his resistance band that came with my replacement mat I had to buy because I lost my old one in the move! So as I do my Winsor Pilates with my resistance band, he has one now too, and is very excited about it!

Aleksia's Open House for dance! They where dancing to "Spoon Full Of Sugar"

Ear infection! We've been lucky! This is his 2nd at the age of 3, and the only other one was Garrick, and it wasn't a full blown one, just an almost one with some fluid accumulating, but didn't get infected.

Gifts I've made for the kids in Garrick's church class that turned 8. Then they can hang them on the wall. Using my Silhouette for the vinyl, I love my new toy!!! I just got my order of white and black vinyl, 10 yards of each!!! Happy Valentines Day to me!!! Now I just need more time to play!

Valentines Cards

So this picture doesn't make sense, but if you go here; it will. I "decorated" mine, but it's the same general idea.
This is what Garrick wanted to do for his class Valentines. Believe it or not, it's the best smile out of the bunch that we took!
So even though Aleksia was doing the melted crayon "you color my world" that Garrick did last year, she wanted a sucker Valentine too. So we did a couple for her too!

So around Christmas was CRAZY, and I didn't get out any cards this past year. So now that it's mellower, I decided to send out Valentine cards to make up the difference! So some of you will be getting one in the mail if I have your address! So be watchin'....