Saturday, May 17, 2008

Going home

Our trip back home was easier and harder. Garrick and Aleksia slept quite a bit, and Trestin slept some on the first flight, but was wild on the second. Oh well. We made it in one piece!
Another BIG thank you to Cameron and Nicole. For housing us, despite them being newlyweds, and the use of his car. It saved us soo much! Despite the humidity, Houston would be a great place. But that humidity SUCKS! And we weren't there in the heat of the summer!

Children's Museum

On Tuesday, our last day in Texas, we went to the Children's Museum. It was pretty cool. Alot of it was over the kid's head, but they still had fun. They even had a Tot area just for Trestin!

Chillin' in The Woodlands

Here are some random pictures from Cameron's place and the Woodlands.


Schlitterbahn was probably one of my overall favorite stops. The kids hardly whined or complained at all! There was sooo much to do, and the kids could do alot! The lazy river was awesome! It would take you around the entire park, with areas to get out at beaches or play areas for the kids. There was even a escalator that took you up, and then down some quite intense rapids, which woke Trestin up after he had fallen asleep on me. The pink double tubes where cool cause on one hole, there was mesh to plug the hole. So it was perfect for Trestin to ride in along the lazy river. If we ever go back to Texas again, we will DEFINITELY go back to Schlitterbahn!

Friday, May 16, 2008


The reception was AMAZING! The kids' outfits and flowers where bought and shipped from Hawii, the flowers where shipped from Hawii, the food was authentic made from Nicole's family, and the dancers where from the islands! It was the most amazing reception I've ever attended! It makes me want to go to Hawii! Enjoy.


My little brother is married, and I now have a sister-in-law!!!

Sea World

Although it was soooo hot, Sea World was alot of fun! We had a good balance of in and out of buildings with ac or covered shows to stay kinda cool. Aside from a lot of walking with whinning at times, the kids had a blast too!


The Alamo was cooler then I thought. I heard there wasn't much there, but there was quite a bit. A lot of artifacts, and reading (which the kids didn't tolerate very well after the 2 1/2 hour drive to San Antonio with no AC in 80ish degree weather with humidity. But we are SOOOO grateful to Cameron letting us use his car!!!)


NASA was our first trip in Texas. It was very cool! It was neat to go into the inner workings of the facility, and see alot of actual things that have gone up into space.

Air plane to Texas

The kids where so excited to fly on the plane. Garrick flew when he was 6 months old, and Aleksia flew while I was pregnant with her, so this is their first "real" trip. I awoke at 3am to shower, and we woke them up at 4am to head to the airport. Brother-in-law Courtney was a lifesaver and dropped us off so we didn't have to park our car for and arm and a leg. The kids traveled well, except Trestin, who didn't like just sitting, but we made it!

Happy 29th to me!

On my 29th birthday we went to Columbia park, ate at Red Robin (one of my favorites), and played at Chucky Cheese. It was a great day, 'cause I spent it with my family!


Our third event was a trip to Hermiston Oregon to my Uncle Rulon's. They have some cattle, and yearly they have to brand the new ones, tag, vaccinate, and casterate the male calfs. It is quite an ordeal! And to my male cousins, seemed to be a "Right of Passage" to be able to wrestle a calf down the the ground and hold it down while everything is done to it. I personally, being the city girl that I am, was perfectly fine watching from the other side of the fence. Then afterwards was a big bbq. It was fun to see cousins, aunts, and uncles I hadn't seen in a while.

Welcome Home Elder Fisher

Our first event on our 2 week vacation was my brother's homecoming. Elder Brenton Fisher, came home from his mission to Hungry on May 1st. His plane was to get in at 8ish pm, but due to complications, he didn't arrive till 11:45pm. Regardless, we where there. Trestin hadn't met him yet, and after a bit, snuggled right in to him. It was cute. Some of my cousins and an Aunt came up to see him off the plane, and more showed up in the following days.