Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

We carved pumpkins last night. After 6 years, Garrick FINALLY scooped out the goo... kind of. If we scraped it from the edges, he would then scoop it out with a spoon. His initial scooping conversation went like this;
G - It stinks!
M - Garrick, your fine, just scoop it out
G - It stinks! I'm going to puke!
Next thing we know he is forcefully retching, and vomits a tablespoon size amount. So one pic is him cleaning it up (don't worry, you can't see anything).
Garrick and Aleksia wanted to have their own "cutters" to carve their pumpkins, which they did, and Aleksia cut hers out all by herself! Granted we had to piece some of it back together so the nose and mouth weren't one big gaping hole. But she did it! Trestin was a good sport. He scooped, and dug, and even tolerated Mom putting some goo on his head! What a trooper! I didn't get a picture of the final pumpkins, but I will. So until then, enjoy our night of carving pumpkins!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yup, still alive!

We are still alive, just crazy busy (unfortunatly not right now). I'm trying to stay awake at work, so I thought I'd post a Huston Update.

Than - got a job working at WSU, so he's actually getting paid more now! He's working on the writing portion of his masters, with no specific end in sight. He's taken on more of a Mr. Mom role with me working more, which in turn has made him appreciate me alittle more (not that he didn't before, but his eyes have been opened alittle more!).

Garrick - is loving school! I love to watch him learn to read! I can see the cogs turning inside as he sounds out the words, then realizes what he sounded out, and that it means something. The look of excitement on his face is priceless! I LOVE it! He is excited about his birthday next month, and everytime we go shopping he finds a new thing that he wants for his birthday in the place of the old thing that he found the last time!

Aleksia - is becoming quite a little "mother." It's been really cute to watch her and Trestin's relationship blossom with Garrick being at school for a couple hours each day. Before Garrick and Aleksia would play most of the time together, and Trestin would play around or try to play with them. Now..."Come on Trestin, lets go play," or "Come on Trestin, let's go read a book." It's very cute. Last week I brought Aleksia with me to work (Sunday evening) to help move some of the "stuff" to the new hospital. Well there was a newborn there, and she was facinated! ALL the way home she talked about "When our baby is born..." She's going to be more help then I'll ever need!!!

Trestin - is one smart cookie! He has learned the fine art of stacking "stuff" or moving a small chair so that he can reach naughty stuff that WAS out of his reach! He has the word "Moe" (no) down to a T. He, like the other two, keeps trying to lift my shirt to find the "baby" that's under there, everytime he squishes it. His vocab grows everyday, and it's fun to watch him and Aleksia grow closer together. Randomly he'll come up and ask, "Yut-e-a?" (Aleksia) as he holds his hands out as if to say "Where is Aleksia?" or he'll just yell her name. He doesn't do that with Garrick, just Aleksia. It's very cute.

Me - I feel like I'm bearly keeping my head above water! Working full time by night and then dozing on the couch while watching the kids is not a easy or fun thing to do. Pregnancy wise I'm starting to feel alittle better, but still not that great. But I'm hanging in there! I'm enjoying working with the 8-11 year olds as the Activity Day Girl Leader. I am LOVING our new LDRP (Labor Delivery Recovery Postpartum) rooms at the new hospital. They are HUGE! I am excited to deliver there in April! As far as the homeownership process, it's on hold for now. We don't have much saved because our $$ has gone to Than's schooling (but yeah for no student loans!!!), so our savings isn't very big. So we realized that we need to save more, then buy. We found a house we like ( and maybe we can make it all work before the baby comes, but we will see.

So that's us! Hopefully I'll get some pics posted of halloween, soon after halloween! That is if I finish their costumes. That is questionable right now! Hopefully, the kids will be Batman, Wonder Woman, and Robin. So stay tuned...