Thursday, January 31, 2008


Trestin, Garrick, and Aleksia chillin' watching a movie seeing as the snow outside is too deep for them to play in. Plus the fact that Trestin is sick, but feeling alittle more chipper by this picture.

We got this swing set/slide from our good friends the Highams prior to them leaving Pullman for the "Real World" and Trestin is loving the swing. Aside from taking a nose dive (literally) on it the first time, he has learned how to climb in it safely and turn and then sit. So he'll just chill there for a while. But it really makes his day if you swing him alittle!

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Dara said...

oops sorry about the double post. I guess I hit the send two times (trying to type with a baby on my lap doesn't work so well) Anyway Your kids are so cute! Glad your still having fun with the play/swing set.