Friday, May 29, 2009

What we've been up to...

...honestly, if I think about it, I don't know! At the end of the day, I think back to what I got done, and it wasn't much! I forget how time consuming a newborn is! That's not a bad thing, but between feeding her every 2-3 hours (which start to finish is about 45ish minutes with burping and diaper change in the middle), taking care of the other's needs (feeding mainly), and cleaning up the small messes behind my 3 little tornados, the day is gone by the time I know it! But in my small amounts of productivity, this is what I've been TRYING to do:

1. Make a blessing dress. Everytime we bless a child, Than always asks, "Why white?" Well it's tradition, which he doesn't always like "traditional," for example our children's names, not too typical. So a friend had her baby blessed in a white dress, but with some color to it, and I loved it! Still the white, traditional, but with alittle extra! So I thought I'd give it a try, and this is what I got. I love it! I can't wait to bless her. I just need to do the finishing touches (ie buttons, button holes, hem the sleeves, and attach the flowers to the bodice.

2. Finish putting this house together before the blessing! We still have some boxes tucked in corners, and my craft room is still a disaster. So I've been working on that too! In a way it makes me excited and provides more motivation for me to finish, 'cause then I can maybe do some more crafty things in my little spare time!

3. Birth announcements for Cassiah, and keeping updated on my "Thank You" cards. Being able to do alittle "crafting" amoungst all the chaos has been wonderful "therapy" for me! Helps keep me sane with 4 kids!

4. T-ball! Garrick and Aleksia both get to play, since it's kids going into K or 1st. Garrick isn't too bad for never playing before, and Aleksia.... is clueless! She provides her father with alot of screaming;
"Aleksia, stand up!"
"Aleskia, stop picking the flowers!"
"Aleksia, pay attention!"
"Aleksia, run to second base (because the batter is now at first base with you)"
And her mother with endless laughter! Here, the assisant couch Sydney, is pointing out where she is to run next, but as you can see, our sweet little Aleksia is not paying attention!

Garrick taking his helmet off after touching home plate

Cassiah had finally conked out in Daddy's arms.

Trying to keep Trestin here with us, instead of out with his siblings where he thinks he should be is a chore! But I brought the ipod, and he was be boppin' to some music. It lasted for maybe 10 minutes out of the hour long game!

Aleksia hitting the ball, after repeatedly wacking the tee instead. Let's just say she's not ready for the REAL Mariners (that's their team, the Mariners).
Garrick obviously likes it, 'cause yesterday he told me, "Mom, I want to play baseball for my entire life!" So he must be having a good time! Plus the fact that his good friend Sam is on his team! It's a nice extra bonus.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Catch up!

So life has been a bit crazy, so I'll play a bit of catch up.
The kids and Than at the bus stop. Yesterday I rode the bus with all four kids to Than's work (WSU) and we had lunch with him. The kids LOVE to ride the bus! Cassiah is in a carrier on me, so we weren't in the pic.

We have some very friendly squirrels! I have a container that holds the remaining bird food that doesn't fit in the bird feeder, and it drives some of them crazy! They will even come right up to the window, put their tiny paws on the window and look in at us. It's usually when we are eating is when they do it. As if they are saying, "Uh, what's for lunch/dinner?"

Here are some sideways versions of my Thank you cards I'm slowly getting done!

Here are all 4 in their Easter clothes!

Cassiah in her "Easter" dress. Aleksia was so excited to have a sister now to match. She told everyone at church that her baby sister has a dress just like her!

Aleksia was the photographer for Cassiah's first real bath! She didn't do too bad taking pictures!

More bath time, in the kitchen sink. Our one bath tub is at an angle, so it's hard to wash a newborn in, so we settled for the kitchen sink!

An awake little girl!