Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Camera!

I have wanted to get a nicer digital camera for a while. We have a Canon Rebel, but it's a 35mm. We have a bigger zoom lens for it, and was hoping I could find a digital one that it would fit on, so we could still use the big lens. Well I did, and I bought it today! I can notice a HUGE difference in the picture quality! Now I just have to learn how to use Photo Shop better to doctor my photos! The zoom lens will come in handy for Garrick's baseball, better pictures at swimming, Aleksia's dance recital next week, and our cruise...... Now I just have to be better at putting pics on here!
Trestin and his head tilt smile
Garrick being goofy with his baseball. You would think it's an accessory he has it with him enough!

Aleksia makin' a face

The older 3, Cassiah was down for a nap.

The picture quality is much better, you can see her poor rash on her face. That is slowly getting better. Almost gone! And her lop sided teethy smile! That 4th tooth on the bottom right is taking it's sweet time!