Friday, October 26, 2007

*Trestin sitting while playing with a paper plate.
*The kids doing a "Cookie Walk." Aleksia is at the far left, then Garrick, the next purple dress is Morgan Mickelsen, then Madyson (with their mom Jeniel in the green shirt to the right of Madyson). They Mickelsen's are one of our good family friends!

Here is Garrick with one of his good friends Madyson Mickelsen, wearing a princess dress her Mom made for her and her two other sisters.

Halloween Activities

We got invited to a Halloween activity in the University ward (our old ward), and the kids where soooo excited, mainly cause they got to wear their new costumes I made. So here is a picture of me on my "Safari" with my "Wild Animals (elephant, leopard, & monkey).

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

School Days...

A friend and I started a "Preschool" together with our older kids. Garrick and Kody are about 2 weeks apart, Aleksia and Jack are 3 months apart, and Trestin and Weston are 3 days apart! Crazy that there's someone out there with kids almost the same age as our kids! So Tuesdays I do school, and Maren has the 4 of them on Thursdays.
1-Painting some plaster of paris letters A-E and numbers 1-5 on review day
2-During "recess" they like to ride down our small hill in Garrick's big truck
3-Garrick and Kody making ice cream on "I" day, it was too cold for them, so they managed to find gloves
4-Aleksia rolling her ice cream around with a towel
The kids really seem to love it. I just hope they are learning something, and it's not just "playtime with Kody and Jack!"

Speeking of Halloween...

Garrick & Aleksia found their old halloween costumes, that a friend is actually going to borrow, and they tried them on, and mix and matched. Around they fit, but not length wise! And Garrick's old one, seemed to fit Trestin pretty good!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Halloween Costumes

So Than came up with the idea of a safari theme. So we will be dressed up like we are going on a safari, and the kids will be the animals. Garrick the monkey, Aleksia the elephant, and Trestin the leopard. Now I just gotta finish sewing the costumes and find something for Than and I to wear!