Sunday, January 27, 2008

Miss Ambitious!

On Saturday, I was Miss Ambitious! After making breakfast (something other then cereal, as you read in the previous post), cleaning the kitchen & family area, getting a small nap (I had to work that night), I decided to give hair cuts. Garrick, Trestin, and Aleksia. Than missed out because he was ice fishing with some friends. Garrick is easy, it's just a buzz (gotta love those boys!), Aleksia got about 3 inches off so her hair is alittle below her shoulders, and it was to be Trestin's first haircut. I set up the tripod with the video camera, and gave the digital to Garrick to take some pictures, cause remember, Than is gone, and of course I want to document it! The first and the last pictures I took, but Garrick took the rest. There were several decent ones, and several with heads chopped off. All in all both boys did good!
Prehair cut. He didn't need one REAL bad, but thought, "What the heck, let's just do it!" I think he's working on MORE teeth. His nose is a faucet!

Trestin didn't quiet know what to think, but all in all he tolerated it pretty good. Luckily it's just a buzz, and it's pretty hard to mess that up!

The only thing is he didn't hold still very good. Don't look at my messy kitchen, this was before I cleaned it!

What a handsome boy! He doesn't look alot different, but he does looks alittle more blond now. Still with a few hints of orange at times.


The Kay Family said...

Don't you love that feeling of accomplishing something!?! Good work!! I wanna see Aleksia's shorter hair, I bet it looks adorable. Hope you are staying warm and aren't too snowed in!! Love ya!

Harper Family said...

Good job on the haircuts! You are ambitious! Looks like you guys have as much snow as us...isn't it crazy?!
Loved the dentist posts...hee hee!