Saturday, January 14, 2012

Super Hero Party!

At our house we do parties (with friends and games and stuff) at our house on certain years. 5, 8, 12, 16, and 18 years. Well this birthday was a party year for Trestin, and he wanted Super Hero Theme! On etsy I found some Super Hero clip art, and went a little crazy printing them out home and sending the images to Walmart as decorations and games! My parents and one of my brothers and sister were also able to come up for the party. Which was really good, because ALL 15 kids RSVP'ed!

We started out the day with our present, and one from Uncle Cameron too!

Ninjago from all of us! That is what he has been wanting, and was SO excited to get one!

He also loves Cars, so Cameron's present was a big hit too!

Time for the party!

Here are the capes I made for each kid.

After the kids arrived and put on their Super Shirt (sorry, a little out of order) they got a Super Card. There were 6 activities they had to do though out the party to become a REAL Super Hero. 1-come up with a Super Hero Name, 2-come up with a Super Power, 3-make a mask, 4-Pop the balloon to save the Super Heros, 5-Safety Patrol, and 6-Help the townsfolk Scavenger Hunt.

Each kid also had a pouch that held their $. They earned $ through out the party.

Everyone got a Super Shirt!

Uncle Cameron's 30th Birthday was 2 days earlier, so we turned the party into a combined celebration! Because EVERYONE wants a Super Hero Party with 16 four ans five year olds for their 30th birthday party! Here they are posing in front of Pin the Lantern on Green Lantern Game.

Trestin followed Cameron around all the day before! So it was PERFECT for them to share a party! I made them both crowns for how old they are! I free handed them with puffy paint and impressed my self in the end!

Posing in front of the Super Hero Changing Station that I made out of pvc pipe that will be used in various other ways in the future!

Thumbs up, we are ready to party!

Trying out the Safety Patrol, aka Cake Walk. I bought off iTunes an old school Spiderman theme song. So when the music stopped, they where to stop walking from one hero to the next, and a hero was called out. If they were on that hero, they got a coin!

Super C's!

Making their masks!

More mask making

Look at all those Super Heros with their strong muscles! 2 kids weren't wanting to be photogenic, so they weren't in the photo. Yeah, there were THAT many kids!

Dumping out the balloons for the Save the Super Hero Trapped in a Balloon, then once popped, they got a coin for saving the hero!

The balloons were really tough, so the adults had to jump in and help them!

Safety Patrol time!

Chillaxin' while watching the Safety Patrol!

Cake time for the birthday boys!

Now onto presents!

Sitting on Uncle Cameron's shoulders while watching presents.

Over all the party was a BIG hit, and everyone had fun! It was a lot of work, but so worth it as Trestin would come up to me and hug my leg and tell me "Thanks Mom!" several times today! I sure to love that kid! Now to get his kindergarten shots on Monday, then he's already for school in the fall! Wow time sure has flown by!