Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sprained ankle

Later on that night after Ocho Rios we went swimming in the Terrace Pool at the end of the ship. As I was walking down the last step after swimming I rolled my ankle. Now I've done this before (I roll from the outside of my foot and then in when I walk) but NOTHING LIKE THIS! It hurt so stinkin' bad. And of course our room is at the front of the ship! So I hop back (literally, I couldn't put any pressure on it at all!), and the nurse in me kicked in. RICE (rest- lay down, ice- sent Than for it in one of our baggies that we brought), circulation - sent him to look for an ace wrap after the ice, and elevate- up on a pillow), cap refill was a little slow but not bad, can wiggle my toes (bearly but with pain), nice and pink, no gross deformities noted (so most likely not broken). Talked with RN on board (I had just gotten a tour yesterday, since I was curious about all of it being in the medical profession myself) and we'd have to pay out of pocket since we didn't get insurance for on the ship (little did we know that the insurance that we bought before the cruise in case we couldn't go for what ever reason then we could get all of our $ back DID cover us! Grrrrr!), I decided I could survive till we got home to be seen. But it hurt so bad! I cried most of the night! I've had 2/4 kids with no epidural and never cried, but I sure did with this! Plus I was sooo upset and felt like I ruined our vacation! Here we are in the room doing nothing, when we could be downstairs having the time of our life! But my wonderful husband kept telling me that he was just concerned about me, and as long as he was with me, it would be a great vacation! I love this guy!
I finally decided that I needed to go in the next am to be seen since I couldn't even walk on it (we had to get me a wheel chair) and they wouldn't give me crutches without seeing me, so I sucked up my pride and went in. They were all very nice, did x-rays, and found no break, just a bad sprain. They gave me a (huge) air cast that went up to my knee (very limited on sizes on the ship) to have, which I was able to put a little pressure on it then (but still with pain!) so I could kinda walk! And over the next couple days the pain was more tolerable in walking and didn't have to lean on Than so much!
In Cozumel 2 days later as I'm hobbling around the city shopping, there must have been 10 or more locals yell out to me, "No more tequila!" "No more tequila for you!" One boot sales man kept saying as I passed him several times going back and forth, "I give you a boot for the other leg!" Ahhh memories!
But our trip didn't get ruined like I first in visioned! Than actually said later that he was kind of relieved! I was running him ragged doing this and that, taking the stairs everywhere to work off all the delicious food (sometimes 6 flights at a time). It slowed me down which he was grateful for!
So needless to say I can survive a fast moving waterfall, but wooden stairs are my kryptonite!


Gosfam said...

I am glad you had such a fun time despite the fall.

The Kay Family said...

How traumatic!!! I'm glad you were still able to enjoy yourselves, despite being a cripple. I know what you mean about crying from the pain - that throbbing, won't go away, pain hurts SOOOOO bad. You are one tough lady! Miss you!

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