Monday, September 6, 2010

The Food!

So before we left, I told Aleksia that I would take a picture of every plate of food (because she was curious as to what kinds of foods we would eat). WOW was that a lot of pictures! Here are some of the yummier foods. And by the way, the food was AMAZING! We choose the Anytime dining, which we really liked. We could still eat in the dining rooms with the set time dinners, but had SO MUCH more flexibility! We weren't always hungry at a certain time, so it really worked for us. We tried out 2 of the 3 dining rooms (repeating them both) and ate from the buffet, and various other areas. There was 2 buffets, which at peak times where both open, but one or the other was ALWAYS open! So if we wanted a little something before going to bed at midnight, you'd just go down to the buffet and there ya go! And it was all really good food to! Especially at Sabatini's, the Italian restaurant, that we went to for our "Anniversary" dinner. More courses then we've ever had, and the food is probably thee best we've ever had!!
I'm afraid to get on the scale after returning! Between the yummy food and then not being able to be as active (exercising in the am and taking the stairs instead of the elevator) after I hurt my ankle..... YIKES! Oh well, so incredibly worth it!


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