Sunday, September 12, 2010

2nd port; Ocho Rios Jamaica

Our second stop, on our third day (2nd day was at sea all day) was Ocho Rios Jamaica. It had beautiful vegetation! Full of rolling hills (reminded us of home!). Our excursions where to ride a chair lift up the mountain, then ride a bobsled down, ride the bobsled on an elevated tram back up the mountain, then ride the chair lift back down, then be transported to Dunn River Falls to climb up the falls. The chair lift was so fun to see all the vegetation of Jamaica, very beautiful! The bobsled was fun, wish it would have been longer, but hey we can say we rode in a Jamaican bobsled! And the falls were really cool! Most of the pictures from the falls are on a disposable water camera that we haven't developed yet, but there's a few on here! After the falls we had to trek through some local vendors in their little huts! Wow are they pushy! Than got suckered in, and bought a cane (which he did want to get one on our trip, since he collects them), along with a few other little trinkets. Oh well! Then went shopping in the town, but mainly got our freebies only from our Port Shopping coupon book (TOTALLY worth the $25!). It was a good experience and minus Than being asked if he wanted a joint/smoke about 10 times buy the locals (told you they are pound of their weed!) it was a great day!

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