Monday, September 6, 2010

1st port; Princess Cays

There is an island in the Bahamas that several cruise companies own a chunk of the island/beach, so our first stop just such a place called Princess Cays. And believe me it was a place right out of a post card! It was so beautiful! There was no place to dock, so we had to tender in (get on smaller boats, holding 100 people, and ride on it to shore). Than was supposed to go deep sea fishing, but it got canceled due to "mechanical issues" so he ended up renting snorkel equipment like I did. We saw quite a few fish (sorry, haven't got the water cameras developed yet) but it took me a while to get used to it. I'm paranoid in the water anyways, and learning to breathe out of my mouth only, sent me into a near panic attack the first time I tried it in knee deep water! But after a bit I got used to it, but still couldn't stay under very long before needing to come up for "real air." But it was fun just bobbing on the top looking down. The water was soooo clear I could see everything just fine! Being on the beach that Princess owned, the food at lunch was FREE which was nice. A big BBQ buffet! So yummy! This was the only day we got burned! Didn't reapply sunblock as often as we should have! Luckily I got it less! So my fake 'n' bakin' before we left payed off! That day also seemed the hottest, which was really hot! But looking back it was only 86 degrees, but had 99% humidity! We are used to the dry heat. None the less, we still had a blast playing in the water, snorkeling, and relaxing!

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