Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free bowling!

Last night there was free bowling for the grad students at the only bowling alley in town. Hey, who can pass up free? Not us! Than's dad had come up that afternoon to fix the Subaru, so we convinced him to spend the night and go bowling with us.

On a side note; yeah for two working cars! Than is much more relaxed about having both working, so that IF I go into labor at work, I don't have our only working car AND the car seats 25 minutes away! What would have happened is I would have to drive home, pick them up, then Than drive us all as we shuttle the kids to their assigned houses and then off to the hospital. But luckily that won't have to happen now! We are SOOOO thankful for Grandpa Huston!!!!!

So back to bowling, Than and I hadn't been bowling in 6 years, the kids had never been, and Grandpa said he hadn't been since before Than was born, 30+ years ago! And me being possibly a week from delivery, this was going to be interesting! Bowling has gotten a lot fancier then when I remember. The computer could be programed so that the bumpers pop up for certain players! Wow, technology! So between that and a funky contraption for the kids that they just have to push the ball down an elevated "runway" they scored pretty good compared to the rest of us!

Aleksia carrying her ball over

Garrick liked just throwing it. Luckily this time he let go of the ball in the alley instead of 2 feet to early!

Watching Grandpa bowl. They where great cheerleaders (especially Trestin) whether you got a strike or a gutter ball.

Than bowling for the first time in 6 years!

So with Than's good aim, he was able to help Trestin get a...


Trestin pushing the ball (which amazingly he could carry and never dropped it once) down the "runway"

A view from the back

Go Grandpa! Go!

Trestin and Dad

Sometimes Garrick used the runway, but usually he liked to throw it himself. Thank heavens for bumpers. Sometimes the ball would zig zag down the alley before hitting the pins.

The final scores. Trestin kicked our cans!

1st place: Trestin

2nd place: Grandpa

3rd place: Garrick

4th place: Aleksia

5th place: Than

6th place: Me

I can blame my performance on being pregnant right? I didn't know how much you bend at the waist to bowl. Well me being unable to bend, the ball kind of "thudded" every time, and lost a lot of it's momentum. Oh well. It was still fun. It send me into some pretty good contractions for a while after coming home, but obviously didn't progress into labor!


Rachel said...

I'm glad you guys had fun last night. Grace was talking about it all morning! We'll have to go again sometime. SO i'm totally bummed... the hospital called to cancel my induction because of stupid c-sections that have to be done on Thursday. I'm maybe scheduled for Saturday, but might have to wait till Monday if the baby is still waiting inside by then.
The science center tomorrow sounds fun...I'll give you a call.
Here's my email: rachelpacker@gmail.com

Maren and Blake said...

If I were you, I would of pushed the bowling thing even more, I bet that would have gotten the baby out. Between your posts about free bowling and Ashley Colton's post about living in student housing free stuff, it makes me want to go back to school. What a fun family night.

Suzie-Q said...

WE had fun last night too!!
It was fun to see all the Grad students and their family's there that we knew.

melanie said...

Looks like great fun. I applude you for even trying being that close to D-day. Just carrying the ball would've done me in.

We really should take our kids bowling. Nate and I have not been bowling since Pullman!

Alissa said...

Does Trestin give lessons? The night sounds great. Looking forward to hearing baby news from you!