Monday, March 9, 2009

Playing catch up...

Wow I have been slacking! But I have been busy. Between the normal housework, kids, and work... then the "nesting" of wanting to get all these boxes unpacked (plus STILL trying to find the hardware to the bunkbed, it's somewhere around here) we've been busy. So here is what we have been up to, and how we are doing:

One weekend we went down to Tri-Cities to visit with Than's cousin, Owen, and his family that was visiting from New Hampshire. We haven't seen them in over 4 years, so it was fun to visit. We went to Chuck E. Cheeses, and the kids (little and the big ones) had fun.

Kylee (pobably spelled wrong, sorry Steph), Owen's oldest, and Trestin playing on the Spider Stomp

Go Aleksia!

Garrick having fun playing air hockey with Dad, despite getting the pants beat off him.

Father and son time

Aleksia meeting Chuck E. Cheese. Trestin on the otherhand, was alittle braver in my arms, but not much. He wasn't a big fan of him close up. He liked him at a distance.

With about one day of kinda nice weather, the kids FINALLY got to go out and ride bikes. It's really nice having no one living in the house next door, so the kids can ride bikes in their drive way for now.

Garrick, and his new Transformers helmet he's been dying to "try out."

Aleksia and her new princess helmet. Their old ones got too small.

Some of the playground at Garrick's school. It's SOOO incredibly nice to be SOOOO close. The kids are always asking to go play, but luckily it was kinda nice enough to go play briefly.

Swings, one of their favorites.

"Playing ball" they call it

You can tell by his red cheeks and fingers that it's still kinda chilly!

Trestin having a blast!

So this is what it's been doing for the past twoish days. Although now we're up to several inches of snow out there. So much for spring!

We are hanging in there. I'm 34 weeks and counting! I've been early with all three (I know, lucky me), so I wouldn't be surprised to have her around 38 weeks again. Which only leaves maybe 4 weeks left! I'm down to two days a week at work instead of three, which makes a HUGE difference. Especially since I am now on a every Friday & Saturday schedule. In a way it's nice because then when I come home I can sleep 'cause Than's home, but it kinda shoots our weekends. Luckily we aren't planning on going anywhere!
Some more exciting news, is that we have found and ordered furniture! We are members of a company called Network Direct, that buys strait from the manufacturer. So after looking around we found what we want, and we got everything (reclining sofa, reclining loveseat, reclining rocker, table, and 8 chairs) for $600 less then just the sofa, loveseat, and chair at the Ashely Store! So we where totally excited. But, the won't be delivered for 8-12 weeks, with 8 weeks will be around when I am due. But hopefully they will come earlier, or at least not while we are at the hospital! Here are the pictures from the Ashely website:
They are a chocolate color, leather (we've heard is good with kids), and they all recline!

This table, with the leaf in it will be HUGE, and more then fit our needs. It will expand to 90 inches! Now we will have to start having people over for dinner with all the space!


Tennille & Nathaniel said...

I'm glad you updated. I bet you are loving you new home. That is excited to be getting new furniture. How fun! Your kids are sure getting big. I can't believe how old they are. You could be having your next one in only a month. Crazy! I love the excitement of a new baby. Good luck!

Trista Teeter said...

Oh my goodness, this post made me cry. In the photo of the playground, that's our old apartment in the top left!! many memories from that park and apartment...thanks for the flashback. :)

Hope that babe is treating you well!!! lol

Suzie-Q said...

sounds and look like you have been getting a lot done but still having fun!
I love your choices for furniture it will look great at your house!

bowman family said...

That is a sweet deal you got on your furniture!!! Sounds like I'm just a few weeks due before you. My c-section is April 10th- 30 days to go. For your sake, I hope you go early:) Take care.


p.s.- I probably didn't invite you to our now private blog, so email me at and I will add you on.