Monday, March 23, 2009

So this is the view out our front window. We put a bird feeder in front of the old stump, and we've started attracting the local wild life! Lots of birds of every kind (Than says we need Ira here to tell us what kind they are), squirrels, and recently rabbits. The rabbits don't eat the bird food, just the greenery around. The kids are LOVING all the different animals that come buy, and enjoy naming them. All the squirrels are Hammy (from Over the Hedge) and the bunnies are either Benny or Betty depending on if we see one or two at a time.

Here is the bird feeder, and our first bunny, Benny, in the bottom left corner.
Here is Trestin. He likes to sit on the toilet. 2-6 times a day he'll tell me "potty" and when I put him on, he goes! But I'm not ready to potty train yet, it's not a good time! Not that there is a good time, but right before we have a baby, with the potential of him regressing after she arrives doesn't sound appealing. So for now we put him on, praise him, and call it good for now. So hopefully when the real time comes, it will be easier!

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Suzie-Q said...

WE love watching the woldlife around here too! Last spring we saw so many bunnies it was so fun!
I love being so close and yet still be in the comfort of my own home!