Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dying Easter Eggs

So these loaded in screwy order, sorry, so bear with me! Well for FHE we decided to color eggs, since we don't know when this little one is going to arrive (yesterday I was 38 weeks, that's when I had Aleksia, and tomorrow is how far along I was when I had Trestin). So any day! Plus it was a good FHE (Family Home Evening, for those that don't know) activity. So here are the pics.
Here is Than's "happy egg"

Garrick trying to "do what Daddy was doing" without as much luck!

Aleksia "showing off" her egg. How can a 4.5 year old have so much attitude in such a little package?

Mr. Cheese Man showing off his "Monster Egg" with 4 eyes! Scarry!

The finished 2 dozen (minus 1 Trestin casualty) eggs. Too bad none of us like hard boiled eggs. So these will be hidden by the Easter bunny, then trashed. Good thing they are cheap!

He got alittle messy! Notice his lips. He "kissed" one of his eggs after coloring on it.

So since I knew the colors in bowls would be a disaster with Trestin, I saw these "swabs" for $0.88 at Walmart, and knew we had a winner for Trestin. Here he is "coloring" his eggs.

More coloring of his eggs.

Garrick and Aleksia coloring their eggs.


melanie said...

What a great family activity! Too bad no one likes hard boiled eggs:) I have to admit I am dreading this with my girls. This will be the first year we actually paint real eggs. Scary!!

Suzie-Q said...

looks like fun.
We did ours last night, had a blast!

Alissa said...

Looks like a great time! The swabs - what a great idea! If I was braver this year I might try that with Cole...maybe next year since he doesn't really know what he's missing anyway!

Tennille and Nathaniel said...

I am really excited for the next post...hopefully announcing the birth of your baby!

The Bott Family said...

What a fun mess. Decorating eggs is the best.