Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm addicted

So last Saturday we rented My Sims for the Wii. I've never played any of the Sims games. The idea behind it sounded fun, and sounded kinda like some other games I've played and liked (Harvest Moon; where you live on a farm and raise crops and animals and find a spouse or Animal Crossing thanks to Dara!). Plus it looked cutesy, and I like cutesy, so I tried it. Wow! I became addicted! It was alot of fun! But unfortunately it goes back to Hastings tomorrow. That's probably a good thing, seeing as I have other projects that I need to work on. But I was a good girl and only played it after I had done housework and the kids where asleep or napping. So my motherly/wifely duties where not shunned!


Tarah said...

You are so good. When I become addicted to things like that, or even a good book, everything gets set aside...housework (okay, that doesn't get done much anyway), kids, dan...
were you able to get the digital scrapbook stuff?

The Bott Family said...

So, Tarah has got me addicted to video games. I don't play them because I do get addicted, BUT, her Donkey Konga is so much fun. I have been trying to buy one online. I think I haven't won any yet because I would play it too much. It may be a sign!

To answer you question about the clipart...I saved them as jpg. I don't know if there is another way but that is what I did and then attached them as pictures.