Monday, March 21, 2011

Valentine's Fun

For V-day I found this cute advent type calendar here, and thought we'd give it a try with some tweeking here and there. So I made a garland of heart pockets instead of socks and I was happy the way it turned out (see below post for pic). So here are some photo's from the count down events

Aleksia sporting her pink, white, and red clothes for one of the days. I made the girls matching skirts, and used my machine and freezer paper to paint a cute V-day picture on shirts for the girls. With noisy socks of course!
And no outfit at our house is complete without a hair bow these days!

The boys wanted nothing cutesy, so they got shirts from Old Navy

Picture taken while trying to get a picture of her in her "pink, white, and red clothes". It cracks me up every time!

Sorry you can't see her cupcake with a heart on top like a cherry on her shirt. The baby got in the way. She's all about the babies!

On the day to make cookies and give to neighbors
Helper #2!

I frosted the cookies and would load them on a plate, then my 2 helpers would decorate them!

Cookies already to go be delivered to friends' houses

Making hair bow Valentines for class. "You're as pretty as a flower Valentine!" with a hair bow attached. The boys in their classes got "You stole my heart Valentine" and a wooden heart was painted and written on like a conversation heart and a pin was glued to the back.

Even Dad got in on the hair bow making action!
*not a flattering photo of Aleksia!*

For the last day, which was Valentine's Day, I had gotten cheap-o buckets from Walmart and cut every one's names out of vinyl and put on their bucket so we know who's is who's. Then filled it with little goodies and candies and put them on the fireplace for them to find the that morning.

Playing with her goodies!

Showing off her candy, while still a little sleepy!

See my slinky!


Gosfam said...

Very cute V-day stuff!! Love all the pics.

Tennille and Nathaniel said...

You always go all out! I'm glad my kids don't know you or they'd be jealous of all that you do. We have the same jammies as Aleksia. Girls and their princess stuff.