Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Aleksia's Day

It's Spring Break at the Huston house, otherwise known as "Craft Week" this year! After a "cleaning day" yesterday to get the house ready for friends, today was the first official day. Aleksia was up first! I decided to do freezer paper stencils on t-shirts. Trestin and his "friend" are actually going to do the same type of thing later in the week, so stay tuned for that one! Using my AMAZING machine I cut out a bunny and a chick, that actually look like Peeps (which I am in love with! They are tasty and oh so very cute!)! And the words "My Peeps."

Here are the girls sponge painting inside the stencil. The painting shirts they are wearing are a MUST have! Love it!

Now that the shirts are painted, now to play a game! We bought this game at our last White Elephant trip, and it's now one of the kids' favorites!

Aleskia was nice and even let Trestin play with them too! I don't know if they liked it, they only played it about 5 times!

Close up of Aleksia's while it finished drying....

Two little twinners in their yellow shirts and blond hair! The day was a success!


Gosfam said...

What a FUN day--I might have to track that game down, my girls love to play games. The shirts are adorable.

Jeniel said...

What a cute idea! The shirts turned out so cute. You are amazing.

Julie said...

Thank you! Thank you! She loves it ans is so proud of it...she does not want to take it off!