Sunday, March 20, 2011

Winter Dance Recital

Aleksia had a Winter Recital (something new for the studio to not just have one in the Spring) in December, I think? Her class is Hip Hop this year, and they danced to Witch Doctor, a version from the Alvin & the Chipmunks Movie, sung by the Chipmunks. It was a fun cute dance that we would practice in the kitchen to help her learn it for recital. Even Trestin would join in, usually two beats behind, and Garrick would join in the fun occasionally!
Here she is at the rehearsal doing her "triple shake."
Dancin' in the isle at rehearsal as the other classes practiced! She loves to get her groove on!

I had 3/4ths of my ADG dancing and lots of other little friends, so I made Hershey Kisses Roses to give to all our little dancer friends. Big hit! I'll have to make more next time!

She's gotten pretty good at the "Hip Hop Face" as her teacher calls it! Even got some attitude with it!

Closer Hip Hop Face!

Aleksia was in the front of the line when it came time to "Timber" & "Grasshopper Leaps" as the moves are called!
Aleksia is in there somewhere, time to take a final bow before the Free Style!

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