Monday, August 3, 2009

Girls Camp

Well that is what Aleksia called it. It was an all girls camp out for our church. She had a blast! She kept saying, "Thanks for bringing me to Girls Camp Mom!" "Isn't this fun!" "This girls camp is so fun Mom!" It was at Kamiak Butte, which (I timed) is 12 minutes from the edge of Pullman to the camp site! So nice that we have camping so close, and it's in the pine trees! So it's like you're in the forest, but it's in the middle of wheat fields! Very cool!

They had some singing activities, and the little girls where helping with "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly." Aleksia got to hold the "old lady" while Lucy, Poppy, Rachel, and Emily took turn putting on the spider, bird, cat, dog, yeah you know the rest!

Aleksia and her new good friend McCall (I hope that's spelled right!) hold up a prop for another song, that I had never heard, but it was cute!

(Blurry, sorry) Some of the girls that showed up! We had all ages there! So much fun!

Cassiah got to sleep on a pile of blankets on the floor of the tent. I wasn't bringing the pack'n'play for one night! She doesn't roll yet, so we're good!

Aleksia was soooo excited to sleep on the air mattress with me! Normally she sleeps on the ground! Yes an air mattress. I'll pee behind a bush, I don't mind, but I need an air mattress while camping!

Some of the girls at breakfast. Our ward had 3 sites, and we happened to set up ours at the main one where all the cooking was done!

The little girls playing with one of the bigger girls! Aleksia thought something was very funny!

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Betina said...

My girls would love a 'girls camp'... maybe I will arrange one next year. How fun.