Monday, August 3, 2009

FHE Activity

So those of you that grew up in Tri-Cities know what I mean when I say, "Ice blocking at Carmichal Hill." It's a hill at the middle school, that in the summer you put a towel on an ice block and you slide down. Very fun! Well for our FHE activity we tried it at the school across the street (mainly to try it out and see if it would work as one of my events in the "Water Olympics" for the Activity Day Girls activity I'm in charge of next week. It will be a relay race). It's not as long, but at the front of the school is MUCH steaper! Wow we got flyin'! Good thing the girls will be in their swim suits, cause they might just pee their pants!
Than giving it a try (this is at the back of the school, less steep and scarrier for Aleksia!) on two blocks. It was alot less wobbly. Go figure! My butt doesn't quite fit on the ice block like it did in HS. I blame my 4 precious angels!


Trestin just sitting on the block. He liked being a cheerleader better then ice blocking, "Too gary!" (too scarry!) Like his stained shirt. We had breakfast for dinner, and he enjoyed the berries on the waffle alittle TOO much!

Garrick was awesome! He was flying, with his light weight he flew!

This is at the steep part, and his block got away but he made it most of the way. Aleksia chickened out and that's her block tumbling down on the right.

Cassiah watching from the stroller

Than about took out Garrick. Sorry it's blurry, I was laughing!

Grrrr! He thought it was quite heavy! Plus cold, so he didn't want to touch it. Go figure, I cold block of ice!

Than's first time down the steep part. He was a bit nervous, since he said he hadn't gone ice blocking since before his mission!


Maren and Blake said...

I have never been ice blocking, but have heard some fun stories. The girls are in for a good time this week.

The Kay Family said...

What a fun FHE night and activity. . . no hills like that near us, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

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