Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Days of School

This week is the first days of school at our house! Garrick started 1st grade! He was so excited to be at school ALL day AND to eat lunch at school! Aleksia had a orientation type day the day after Garrick started, then her first REAL day by herself was today. These first few pics of the cookies are supposed to be at the end, sorry.
It has become a tradition to make cookies on the first day of school. It started with Garrick, in trying to make Aleksia feel better about him being gone to kindergarten last year. "You can make cookies while I'm gone!" he told her, like that was to make her feel better by doing something fun. Well Trestin remembered, and when it came time for Aleksia to go to school, "I make cookies!" So we got Aleksia off to school, nursed Cassiah, then we made cookies! He got to pick, so we made; chocolate chip, white chocolate chip, and Heath bits cookies! Here he is helping to measure the ingredients.

Big helper.

Chillin' with Cassiah while the cookies baked. Yes I did wash his hands after this picture!


Eating breakfast on his first day of 1st grade on Tuesday.

I figure this is a nice spot to take their annual 1st day of school pictures, and we can see how they grow from year to year compared to the logs! So here he is sporting the #1 for 1st grade!

Gotta show me the backpack, with matching lunch box!!!

He crossed the street to the neighbor's driveway, then walked down the hill to his first day of 1st grade!

Aleksia eating breakfast on her day of orientation, Wednesday.

Aleksia and her teacher, Mrs. Corbin

Beside her locker. She's one of the few that gets it all to herself!

On the carpet listening to Mrs. Corbin read a book.

Drawing a picture in her new classroom.

Eating before her 1st REAL day of kindergarten. Can you see the excitment on her face?

1st day of Kindergarten

And the backpack with Bus Tag, even though she's a "Parent Pick-Up" it lets everyone know she's a kindergartener, aka Clueless so keep an eye on me cause I don't know where I'm going or where I'm supposed to be yet.


Alissa said...

Kindergarten and 1st grade already? Wow...! Time sure does fly!

Oh, those cookies look great. Let me know when school starts next year so I can come hang out at your house on the first day and eat cookies with you!

Rachel said...

SOunds like you guys have had a fun week. Is Alexia making the tiered skirt you made? It looks great. Sam wants Garrick to know that he has a spider-man lunch box too!

Maren and Blake said...

The kids are so cute. I can't believe Aleksia is in kindergarten. You are down to 2 in the house. I love the description of her bus pass.