Sunday, September 21, 2008

First Day of School (finally)

I know, I'm a slacker blogger. I used to be so good...but now life if CRAZY! Here are his first day pics. BTW, he LOVES school. His top 3 favorite things are;
1- Learning to read. I love seeing his eyes light up after he's sounded out a word and realizes what it is!
2- Recess. Duh, he's a kid
3- Riding the bus. But if we buy the house across the street from the school, his bus days will be over, and he's okay with that. So I'm glad we decided to drive him to the bus stop instead of just driving him in (although it would have been just as easy). Because otherwise he might not have gotten the chance.
It's so amazing to see his growth and the knowledge he's already sucking in, in such a short time! Amazing!!!

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