Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bonk #2

He did it again, but on the leg of the playpen. Of course right on the tiny part that has a pointy corner! This boy doesn't walk, he runs everywhere. So between running everywhere, and his shoe fetish, typically wearing his own, but not always, this is not a good combo! Luckily he bounces back pretty quickly.
He will only have a cold washcloth on his owies, not the "Owie Bear," a stuffed bear's head with a cold compress on the back of his head that's kept in the freezer. This is him holding it, but not quite in the right spot. But despite his pain, I bring out the camera, and, "Cheese!" Such a turkey!

Not as big as his first one a couple months ago, but still a good 1" off his head!

"Look Mom, no hands!"


Shannon B said...

oh MAN...that poor kid. He looks happy despite the NASTY bonk! Are you excited for your kiddies to start school? Actually did Pullman already start!?

Cameron and Nicole said...

OUCH! He's so cute, even with a knot on his head!! I can't believe he was so happy and smiley! What an awesome kid...

Bowles said...

Danielle- you always have the best music. I love to just come listen to you the selection you have.
Its a good thing little bodies heal quick. It doesn't look like tristen was slowed down for to long.
Enjoy your day!

The Bott Family said...

Ouch! That looks so painful. What a tuff little guy.