Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2 boys + 1 girl = 3 Crazy Kids!

With is being so hot recently (hot for Pullman, 90-100 degrees), we've spent alot of time in our little pool. The kids love it, and it's big enough for me to get in with them and keep cool. My little sister Destiney was up visiting and went swimming with us this day.

Garrick doing a "canon ball"

Aleksia "painting her toes"

Trestin has gotten into quite alittle routine to nap/sleep. He has to have;


-2 "Emo's"



Then once he has everything, he's happy, and puts his hands behind his head, and he goes to sleep!

A closer shot.


Ali said...

Sweet kids! The pool looks/sounds great! Hope you're all well!

Nicole said...

Your kids are so cute! I know I tell you that everytime but that's all I think about when I see their pictures! Trestin is sooooo cute! And Aleksia is such a girly girl it just makes me laugh. And the really funny part is Garrick "Cannon Ball"ing into the baby pool! LoL, how fun.

I don't know if you've talked to your mom yet but we are coming up on Wednesday, September 10th and having the open house on Friday, September 12. We will probably leave Sunday morning but if you have any of those days off we'd love to see you! Or maybe Than and the kids?

Bowles said...

I am glad you all have a fun way of keeping cool in the hot hot weather. We only get a weekend here and there of that kind of hot weather, which is fine by me. I don't miss the constant 80 and 90 degree weather.
Also I though that list of 200 things was fun to read through. I copied it;)
Have a great day!!

The Yancey Family said...

Kiddie pools are soo great! It looks like you guys have been having tons of fun! I can't believe how big Trestin is! He is looking so much like a Huston!