Friday, March 7, 2008

Ice Skating

On Thursday WSU grad students got to go ice skating for free at the Moscow Ice Skating Rink. So despite feeling like crap and Than fighting a migraine, we took the kids. We went once long ago when Garrick was small and Aleksia was in the stroller, and Garrick didn't even wear skates he just ran on the ice. We put them both in skates, to see how they'd do. Aleksia took two steps on the ice just holding onto the stroller and started FREAKING OUT! Garrick held onto the stroller pretty good (all the red "walkers" where all being used). So after a few rounds Aleksia got brave and tried with the red thing. So then they where both hooked! Needles to say Mom & Dad only lasted 1 hour out of the 2 possible hours, and the kids slept pretty good that night. They must have had a good time, because before we even left they where asking "When can we come back!"
"Look Mom! I'm skating good!" she'd yell at me as she is draped over the top of the red thing as I'd drag her along.

Trying to keep Trestin warm in the ice rink. It was actually warmer outside then inside the rink!

In their skates with red cheeks after skating (yeah the pictures are kinda backwards)

I was pretty ingenious in coming up with this get up. The back tire of the stroller is in the red thing, so I could "help push" Aleksia as my left foot stayed next to the outside of the red thing to keep it strait (are ya following me?), the Garrick would use the stroller as support, and my right leg would propel us.

Than taking Aleksia and Trestin around. You can see the back tire in the red thing "helping" Aleksia.

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Dara said...

Looks like the kids had fun! Great idea with the red thing. Wow your kids are getting so big! If you can handle the three, having four is a piece of cake!