Friday, March 7, 2008


3 boys + 1 girl = 3 super heroes & 1 princess
Garrick had gotten some batman and superman pj's from one of my co worker's son's (thanks Liz). Which I have had a tough time tearing the batman one off Garrick when it's time to go anywhere. So when Kody & Jack came over to play, it was little boy heaven! Seeing as they typically play super heroes anyways, now they would have costumes! Then with some scraps I had, I whipped out a batman cape for Kody (even thought he was wearing a spider man costume he didn't care) and a super man cape for Jack. Then that left Aleksia, the perminant princess that they are constantly saving from the "Evil Villains!" They are quite funny to watch and listen to!
The back sides of the capes.

The fronts of the Super Heroes & Princess

"Show me your muscles!"

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The Ussing Family said...

Love the new look of the blog! I can't believe you guys are ice skating, it looks liked so much fun. It is in the 50's here least once or twice a week and all of the snow is melted. I can't wait for warmer weather and for spring to finally be here. I bet you can't either!