Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's a miracle!

Than graduated!!! It's been a LONG road since he graduated with his undergrad in May 2003! But we made it! It was a crazy rush at the end, when all the sudden it was a possibility that he could pull it off this semester, but he made it!

I had great ideas to make shirts for the kids and I, and Than's parents.... but with work and everything it didn't happen. But I did make a shirt for me, and order some necklaces online from Oriental Trading and other decorations! Sorry it's sideways!

More decorations

Decorations amongst the Christmas decorations!

This sucked to make, but turned out cool!

Do you know how hard it is to find grey balloons? VERY! But I finally did, and even bought a helium tank, which the kids LOVED once I showed them what happens when you inhale it!

Cheesy pic before grad with Than's mom and step dad

A nice picture now

The graduates filing in

Beasley Coliseum

Can you see him in the middleish....

As part of a house warming gift the previous home owners left us this cute outfit. It was a bit big (12 mo size and she's only 7 mo) but it was PERFECT! Then with an added touch of a hair bow by me, it was complete!

We had quite a full house: Than's mom and step dad, Than's dad and brother and sister, my parents and sister! The kids eating at the table. Papa Murphy's Pizza!

With our nice new table, we only needed one extra chair to fit all the adults around it!
It was a great weekend, and luckily no one went into labor, because I was supposed to work, but was just on call! Prayers are answered!


Suzie-Q said...

It looks like it was a great day amid all the chaos of the holiday and AD mingled in there too.
You are a great wife to find find time to put it all together.
Go You!

Maren and Blake said...

Congrats Than! No plans to move, right? I am sure the time has been worth it.