Thursday, December 10, 2009

Annual Family Picture

We had our annual family picture in our jammies last weekend. This year I decided to have us all in white shirts with our initial on our tummies from our jammie fabric. I think the turned out pretty cute! Unfortunately Trestin and I where in the middle of an pink eye outbreak (luckily with good hand washing it was localized to just the two of us), so don't look too close at our eyes! I'm happy with the portrait people at JC Pennys, and again wasn't let down. Cute poses and then their "doctoring up" of the photos was cute!
Too bad this is like $30, it was cute!

I really liked this one with our legs and Cassiah! CUTE idea! I got one of them!

That's one good lookin' present from Santa! Notice how Cassiah has a death grip on Garrick's shirt, right before that she about fell off, so she wasn't gonna let go now!

Cute on of our four kids!

Cassiah is chillin'

We lined up almost just right, by accident in the two pictures!

This is the main pose I bought, that will go on the wall! In years past they only got head shots and you couldn't see our pants very much if at all. This year they did awesome!


Suzie-Q said...

Love them! That is such a great tradition that you started.

Dara said...

So super cute!! Love them all! You do such a great job at making jammies and taking a picture! Love the "legs" picture!!! Great idea

Drew and Valarie's Family Blog said...

what a CUTE idea!!!!!!!!!!!!