Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July

In our new house, we are a 5 minute walk from Sunnyside Park where the towns 4th of July festivities are located, which is nice, but since the loud BOOMING of the fireworks would probably scare Cassiah, we opted to watch them from across the street at the school. It worked great, and that might be our new spot to watch them from. Less crowds, easier to keep track of the children, they get to play on the equipment before the show, easy to run home and get something if we forget it (which we only had to twice!). Plus we don't have to show up hours in advance to get a spot. So we did our little fireworks first, then headed over. Trestin wouldn't get any closer then 6 feet of any of the sparklers. "Fire!!!" But he did like the Pop Its!

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Suzie-Q said...

We could always do that When I was younger just go across the street to watch the fire works, It was always so much nicer then going to the actual place where they set them off (too loud).
This year we just stood out on our deck and still had a pretty good view of the whole thing.
We might have to come and join you next year though, who can pass up a real bathroom right across the street?