Monday, June 29, 2009

R.I.P. George

We never got a picture of George, but this is what he looked like. Yes, LOOKED, we noticed he was dead today. George was an AMAZING little fish! Before George, I'd have to clean the tank every other month. And we are talkin' can't see through parts of the tank cause it's covered in algae dirty! Well after George, I never cleaned the tank! That was over 6 months ago when we bought him! I will miss George, but apparently not as much as Aleksia! She has been crying off and on since we discovered his demise. Trestin mentioned George right before bed (big mistake, she had maybe forgotten), and it set her off again! Through the tears we hear her in bed, "George...(snuffle)... George...(snuffle)... George...(snuffle)... Why did you have to dye?" So after our quiet chuckles (yes, we are evil parents), I went in to talk with her. So I explained that everything dies someday, and talked briefly about the atonement (thought it was a good opportunity!), and ended with;

"Maybe Great Grandma Gray (Than's Mom's mom) is taking care of George now, do you think?"

"But she didn't have a fish tank!"

"Well she does now, to take care of George!"


So that calmed her down. Maybe not the best way, but what is the harm in having a little girl think that our dead fish is now being taken care of by her Great Grandma that has also passed on? Knowing Grandma, I'm sure she wouldn't mind!


Suzie-Q said...

sorry about your fish. It is always a sad thing to lose a good pet, especially one that does the cleaning for you!
What a great opportunity to be bale to talk to her about spiritual things.

Maren and Blake said...

It sounds like you handled it perfectly.