Monday, June 9, 2008

My Handy Man Kids

So we bought an entertainment center for an amazing deal! Regularly $100, it was on clearance for $30!!! Well with Than very busy in school, and coming home tired, the kids and I thought we'd surprise Daddy. My helpers where very helpful at the beginning, but then kinda fizzled out on me. But we made it, just finishing the drawer handle as he came home. Take a look:
Garrick putting a screw in for me.

"Garrick, hold it still!!!"

We're getting there...

... ta-dah! We did it!

p.s. It's just what the tv is on, we already had the shelves on the sides. And yeah, we have a few movies.

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Jeniel said...

Hi you guys! We miss you! Your entertainment center looks really good. We will be getting the internet hopefully and then we will be able to write. See ya latter. Call!!!!!